Rega Ania vs Rega Ania Pro

Been thinking about your question?

… comparisons…
The Pro version presents music with a little more detail, weight and scale. A little more of everything… Perhaps most noticeable was the bass notes.

If you get the chance, audition phono amps too.
The combination of Ania Pro and the Aria phono stage was a huge upgrade in my system

Hope that helps

Let us all know how you get on?

Not sure about references to Bias Tracks is no such thing!
What you have is a groove modulated at different levels purpose of is to set the Tracking weight. You apply an estimate of Bias on the low side. When you find a track level you are comfortable with go up to the next level if mistracks apply more weight but never more than the T/W range, now only if your Bias estimate is incorrect you will hear mistracking in one channel if it is the Right CH, increase the Bias slightly if Left CH, decrease the Bias to cure the problem. If it does not cure revert to next lower level as this is the MAX trackability of your cartridge now you hear no mistrack any CH, so bias is fairly close and on a Thread weight system it is easy to shift weight position to see if you get mistrack in ONE CH,if so previous setting is correct, You can do the same with a dial up setting, and with that in a normal set up you end up with setting touch below T/W as i said previously this does NOT cause your cantilever to Skew. Such things are down to insufficient tension on the suspension Tie Wire or a problem with or choice of Damping rubbers.
Of all the complexities in Tuning a Suspended Deck Bias does not even rate as a Non Event
and in this New Age i can see why so many on the Forum own Rega T.T. which have less adjustability than anything you can buy except for the mentioned T/W and Bias which still cause perennial questioning.
Mr Roy Gandy is a Very Smart Marketing chappie by making something dead simple it provides an escape / appeal away from complex but correct Fully adjustable T.T. but will still give 80% of those T.T. performance. In order to install confidence in the product and sell it he simply promotes the idea adjustments are not necessary does he actually believe that who knows? But it seems strange when every other thing he makes has to be engineered with such precision.

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