Rega Apollo-R/Chord Qutest vs. CDX/XPS?

Has anyone tried the Apollo-R/Qutest against higher end Naim CD players? I love the CDX/XPS but I like to let my kids use the stereo and the drawer/puck design can be, shall we say, stressful.

I already have the Qutest. Ditching the CDX/XPS in favor of the Apollo-R through the Qutest would probably be less risky, not to mention it would free up two shelves.

My speakers are Allaes. As for the amps, I tend to alternate between 72/hc/140 and 32.5/hc/250.

Different presentation… but I like the Chord Dac a lot more…

I would ditch the expensive naim CD players you have…

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If you like the CD player, get the kids a streamer and a Spotify sub and you can be pretty sure they’ll leave it alone.

I should have mentioned they are not old enough to use streaming technology, but they are old enough to put in a disc and press play!

Just get a DVD player with optical output…

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Why a DVD player? Any DVD player in particular?

None in particular… if it’s for the children usage there’s plenty of inexpensive ones with optical outputs for the qutest

You can then keep the naim CD player.

Why a DVd player… because they’re still more easily available at low cost ?

Otherwise there’s CD players with optical outputs but they may be a lot more expensive now.

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If the kids are listening to the music, I wager ease of operation would take precedence over sound quality and for this reason I would support the DVD player suggestion.

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