Rega Aria MK3

I have a TecnoDec with a Dynavector DV-10x5 pickup and now I’m thinking of buying a new phono stage, what do you think about the Rega Aria, would it be a good match or is there something better in the price range?:thinking:

I took my Graham Slee stage along when demoing a Technodec and 10x5, it sounded pretty good. Worth a listen. I picked up my Accession used, with the Enigma PSU, for the same price as a new Aria.


Obviously this is a personal perspective but 12 months in with my Aria mk3 and it still puts a smile on my face. My main setup is Gyrodec, SME IV, Ortofon Qunitet Blue into the Aria (MC) then Cyrus 8 XPd into Spendor A5’s. Second systen also used at times Project Evo Carbon, OM2 Blue, Aria (MM) into NAD 316 and my old B&W DM1600’s.
The upgrade was from a Musical Fidelity V90 which was a replacement for a (in my mind a better sounding) IFI Zen Phono MM & MC stage that died.
Clearly this is a big jump up so I should be pleased but I had auditioned only 2 other phono stages around that price point and the Aria had a clear edge over both (Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL and Lehmann Black Box SE). It’s great with MC - detail retrieval and soundstage being key areas I’d say BUT it really performs with the MM stage. Here it excels with dynamics and authority without loosing the openness and finese of a good cartridge. Do I think it would be a good match with the 10x5, absolutely.
Is there anything better for the money - well impossible to tell without auditioning everything. I got mine at a great price and I’m in the Euro Zone. If I was buying now for €1350 I’d want to hear other options - like the Hegel V10?


Sorry @Bjorn, though I don’t think it’s a massive error, I auditioned a Gyrodec with 10x5 and GS stage, rather than the Technodec. My eyes saw Technodec and my head read Gyrodec X)

Hopefully you can audition a few options. I really enjoyed a 3-way battle between turntable options recently, and was lucky enough to be able to use the same 10x5 cartridge on all three. A helpful dealer was, well, helpful!

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