Rega aria versus fono mc

Obviously I will need to audition. However I am seeking your opinion as to whether the aria is a worthwhile upgrade over the fono, I have a rega 6 with ania mc currently feeding a fono into a sn2. Looking forward to your thoughts.



I have Rega Aria and I am very satisfied

+1 … more than happy

I found the Aria to be a worthwhile improvement over the Fono MC when I previously had the Fono MC and tested the Aria at home for a few days (but ultimately ended up with something else).

I’d get a Planar 8 first

I auditioned a P8 recently with an Aria and compared it to a Stageline, I thought the Aria was a big step and much better to my ears, and is now on my shopping list along with an Apheta 3 to replace my my 30 year old LP12.
Haven’t yet compared to a Fono MC, but I’m sure I will go with the Aria.


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Yes and no…
Having owned both with RP6, I would say Aria’s addition unbalanced the perfect match of RP6 and Fono. It’s clearly a much better phono stage, but it somehow it sounded all a bit wonky.

A solution was to move from RP6 to RP10 when an opportunity arose :slight_smile:

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Rega 6, with Ania MC and Fono MC is great.
But with Aria, is even better.

At the end of the day, let your ears decide.

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The Aria is improved with a better power cord and IC. I have Powerline and Superlumina now with 552/500, and vinyl compares favourably with digital.


@Filipe makes a good point. I also used my Aria with an upgraded interconnect - I seem to recall that Chord Tunned Aray worked very well (cannot remember the name - it was the black one - not Sarum, but one below).

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