Rega Aria

Many consider the combination of the two phono MM and MC with some improvement. But given the cost is greater than the sum of the two excellent phono, can you think that Aria is really an upgrade or a simple improvement than phono MC? Experiences?
For Ania with p6 or P8

I have purchased it for at least 3 years and I am very satisfied. Different music now than a classic and cheap Cambridge before! Music seems to come from the streamer now. Cleaner and more detailed …

Rega 6, with Ania MC and Fono MC is great.
But with Aria, is even better.

At the end of the day, let your ears decide.

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Hi Ratrat, but is the upgrade from MC phono to ARIA worth the price difference?

Hi Luigi,
I have an Ania on an RP8.

I upgraded from MC Phono to Aria about a year ago. There was a clear improvement in clarity, separation and soundstage. Well worth the outlay in my opinion.

Hi DD, that’s what I wanted to hear, since Ania and P8 are my target.

Okay. Here is a longer version…

Visited my dealer with the intention of upgrading my RP6 with Ania MC and Fono MC. Spent the entire day listening to other comparable phono stages too, back and forth A/B testing. Concluded the Fono MC was really good, particularly when you consider the price point. If my budget was constrained, I would be happy with this combo’.

However, also auditioned several other phono stages at c.£800. For me, the Aria was well worth the extra spend. More detailed, better bass definition, etc.

Although, I understand we all hear slightly different things in these circumstances, and have different objectives and reference points. So, suggest it is important to listen for yourself and let YOUR ears decide.

I also added the NEO PSU about a month later, this for just over £200 was a fantastic upgrade and to my ears, majority of the differential (in sound quality) between my older RP6 and the new Planar 6, (which has this PSU supplied as standard).

Hope that extra details helps.


In the UK…you may want to look at EAR phonostage…

Supposed to be very good too…


I agree. The Neo is a blinder and would be the first thing I would i would do to upgrade from the earlier PS. When I last visited the Rega factory, Phil handed me a motor, first powered by the old PS, then powered by the NEO; the difference in vibration was amazing, the NEO made it feel so much smoother.

I will definitely take a Rega, which I would change in the future only for a Superline. The question is only to know if the Aria works better than the MC phono, to justify the difference in price.

yes it definitely is worth it i swapped a rega phono mc for aria loads better in everyway
its uses much better components and has a proper power supply.

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