Rega Aya

Limited review comments are starting to trickle in on other sites.

I’m real interested in these - anyone heard?

I’m on the waiting list for a demo at my dealer, but here in NL no product has arrived yet.

Haven’t seen any online review either. It seems product announcement was well ahead of availability.

Just been trawling trying to find out first impressions. They look a pretty interesting proposition. Saw somewhere that likely to be early 24 till they hit the streets.

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They seem to be on sale at U.K. dealers.

Yes have seen that they say they are in stock but often found that to be more of a forward statement than the reality a lot of the time. I’d get in touch with my dealer only I’m probably not looking to do anything until next year anyway, just looks an interesting design so would be good to see some initial impressions when they appear.

There are actual people who have seen and heard them at dealers in the UK, posting elsewhere - so they are out there.

I have heard them at my local dealers being paired with a Brio ( at my request) and a Planar 3 and thought they sounded amazing for the money.

They were playing DSOTM and it was mesmerising.

The sound was very well balanced and they were not forward at all. The bass was clean and fast but not especially deep . I could easily live with them.

They look " engineered" and will not appeal to all on the domestic harmony front.

The most striking thing visually is that they are smaller than I thought they would be and I would have sworn blind that they were made of brushed metal especially the front baffle.

The finish has the tactile feel of brushed aluminium.

Well done Rega.


Thanks for the first demo report @Doyard! You should have taken some pictures for us though :wink:

Good point apologies for the oversight.

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My local dealer, Infidelity, is doing a demo of the Aya with the Naia on 23rd November. Definitely a case of source first?


Please take pictures for us! And the demo of course :wink: hope you like them.

Aya and Naia are simply the two new Rega products, I doubt they will demo them in the same system.

Hi I won’t go as although it would be great to hear a top vinyl player I am staying with my cd system and it is such a small demo room better to leave spaces for vinyl lovers.

Sorry should have replied to the second part of your question. I would guess Simon will use a full 500 system with his B&W 802d4’s.

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Update, Infidelity rang me about the delivery of my ‘new’ Nat01 and said they would be using (think he said) PMC 25.23 as well as the Aya. They said I should pop in for the Naia and to see the replacement of my old Elas.


Audio-T in Brighton are having a Rega week at the end of this month where the Ayas will be on dem, according to a recent email.

My dealer here in NL received them this week, so some two months after they were announced. Looks were considered quite nice and special, but no verdict on the sound yet. They will play them for a good week first before any demos. They said the sound has changed a lot already in the first 3 days. Will see if I can go there in the next weeks, I am really curious.

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Ed Selley over on AV Forums seems to be the first off the blocks with a review. With just a few minor reservations he’s very enthusiastic about them, allocating a “Highly Recommended” gong…


Thanks for the heads up!

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Aha, you got that olive NAT01! Jealous.

Thanks Simon of Infidelity is installing it on Tuesday. Surprisingly, to me anyway, it was on their website for 3 months before I bought it. A CB Nat01 was only on Cymbiosis’ website for a day or two before it was sold perhaps because of posts on this forum!