Rega customer service

I had a little problem with one of my Rega power supplies recently. I emailed my local dealer on Sunday while I remembered. On Tuesday, yesterday, just after they opened (they are closed on Mondays) I was copied in to their email to Rega asking for a replacement to be sent to me. And today, at 10am, a new power supply arrives at my house and is now installed and working.

That, to me, is fantastic customer service. Thanks so much to Dave at Rega, and to Joe at Audio T in Portsmouth.


Proactive and timely customer care really makes a company stand out and is all too often an oversight in our fast changing world.
How are you finding the 6 now you’ve had it a while?

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Thats brilliant, well done dealer and Rega, great to hear a good news service story.

Good British customer service

A thing so often overlooked in this cut throat price war we call retail


One other issue that this anecdote illustrates: to me, there is a clear implication that Rega have supreme confidence in their products and that things like this will happen very infrequently. Nice.

I had a similar thing with Rega, at first I was a bit annoyed that you could not contact them directly and had to go through a dealer but like you HH my issue was resolved in days and to a high standard. Hats off to the men at women in Essex :slight_smile:

That’s superb customer service and is worth it’s weight in gold. You will always be a happy Rega customer and tell everyone else what a great company they are… a pleasure to hear.

As someone with many (too many) years in sales, I always used to say “it’s not that things go wrong, it’s how they get sorted out that matters”

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That’s pretty super

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