Rega Ear compared to Lehmann Linear

Hi All,
I have the NAC152xs and as my only one other thread I’m looking for a headphone amplifier which will have to be connected via output phonos.

Does anyone have experience of Lehmann Linear, I did get a lot of thumbs up for the Rega Ear but just wondered how they compare for the extra cost.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

The headphone amp? Then yes. Great amp. I actually tried it after I bought my violectric v281. And I thought It came a very close second.
OK, so my cans were not a difficult load. If they were it could have been different.
Bit a good amp. Saw one on ebay for £350 not long ago. I was very tempted.

Hi Thegreatroberto,
I too was very tempted…so I had an offer accepted and I bought it!

It already sounds good with leads from an old camcorder (I know, sorry everyone) just to test it of course. New phono connectors on the Christmas wish list, can’t wait.

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