Rega Exact with Stageline N

Hi Folks,

I am planning to buy a new cartridge Rega Exact with my current phono Stageline N, my system detail as below, please kindly comment on it, is it match ? How is the combo presentation ?

Pro-ject Xtension 9 with 9cc Evolution Tonearm
282/Dual Hi-Cap DR/250.2
Kudos Super 10


I have a new Rega Exact on an RP6 connected to a StageLine N and NAC252/SCDR/NAP250DR. It sounds great.

The same cartridge, TT and StageLine connected to a NAC282/HCDR/250.2 also sounds fine.

On a recapped NAC42 with MM boards (might not have been recapped, but I don’t know), vocals sounded a bit recessed. Otherwise it was fine.

I am slowly returning to vinyl by cleaning my old LPs and buying replacements for the ones that have been lost over the years. I am looking for a better TT as a project for this year, but I am no hurry and enjoying my middle-level Rega. If and when it is replaced, it will be relegated to the second system with the 282.

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I’ve got two Exacts, one on an Rp6 and the other on P3, best I can say is it elevated P3 to close to Rp6.

Great leveller and consistent component, damning it with faint praise, but think it is excellent cart.

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Hi Leggit, are the Exact with Stageline good for Pop music ? Bass and Dynamic are good ?

In terms of bass and dynamics, I am very happy with them for the music I listen to, including pop/rock, but I do not listen to symphonic music, opera, punk or heavy metal at loud volume levels (but certainly at moderate levels).

My speakers (Spendor stand mounts up to size 1/2) are not bass monsters and tend to have a reputation for neutral rendition without any fatigue.

For the price, the StageLine N and Rega Exact are a great combination for my ears with my speakers and in my room. However, I do expect to see an improvement if I can upgrade my sources later this year. Although I mostly stream from my NAS and Tidal, I am still buying and listening to more and more vinyl again, so that upgrade is just a matter of time.

Used StageLines are not expensive, so if you try one and it does not suit you, you can probably move it on with little or no loss.

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You will need a Snaic if power comes from Nac 282

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Hi, I already had the stageline and will pick up my Rega Exact soon.

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, I already had it.

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