Rega fono into Nova

I want to connect a Rega fono to Analogue One on my Nova, do I need to move the switch on the back of the Nova the same if you were using a cd player. Thanks in advance.

Depends on whether the Fono provides signal ground, I don’t know. But you can simply try, no need to switch it off, either. If it hums, use the other position. If one position sounds better, use it

Hi, it hums on both settings. The RP3 does not have an earth lead what should I do?

Normally I would ask whether you have tried running a ground wire from the Fono to the Nova, however I note that the Nova doesn’t have any easy place to connect such a wire. Usually in such situations loosening a foot and using that suffices.

I’ve connected a Rega Fono to my Nova with no difficulty - I didn’t have to alter the earth switch. The Rega is earthed through the left arm cable negative (screen) so shouldn’t need a separate cable.

That’s good to know Tallguy. I wonder if there’s some issue with one of the connections on the OP’s turntable that’s causing the problem.

As with Tallguy’s response, I too have connected a Rega fono stage to my Nova, not moved the grounding switch and all is well, so if you are experiencing issues it seems a bit odd! From another tall guy, well 6’4" anyway.

It’s strange. Connected to a Linn Majik DSM/4 there’s no problem.

Off topic, but 6’6” here. It can be a right pain at times (quite literally with some door frame clearance, or lack of)

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Apart from the Mu-So, Naim kit doesn’t float the earth, so if there’s any grounding issue upstream you will know it and probably hear it.

Another Nova/Fono user here and no problems with hum. I guess it’s because I’m just tall enough at 6’3"…

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