Rega Isis

Anybody using the Rega Isis cd player if you are what are they like and what amp are you using.

Been using a Isis ss for about 7 years now , matched with a Rega Osiris. As you would expect a perfect match.

After all this time i decided to try a valve Isis , just to see if it could improve on the ss one. Well for me all i could say it was different but i definitely preferred the ss. Found it to be more dynamic and realistic , but guess it depends on what sort of sound you want.

But like a tank with a lifetime warranty , and the 2 spare transports Rega keep for every unit gives a lot of confidence for a long life.


Thanks for reply I might try demo with my 300dr 252 and see what happens.

I ran an Isis with a 252 & 300DR. I really enjoyed it but try a better IC than the supplied Couple as they do hold it back quite a bit. I used Atlas Mavros as recommended by a dealer and they really opened the Isis up.

I only moved on from the Isis to a CD555 after upgrading to a 552/500 combo. That should give you an idea off how good the Isis is.

Can’t endorse it anymore than that!

Cheers, Rack.


One of the best cd players around period. I owned it when i decided to downsize from Naim. If I still wanted cd as my main source , I would revisit the Isis again without a shadow of a doubt.

Pity they didnt update the dac to 24 bit for use with other sources, which would have given it even more appeal. Eg use the dac with a streaming transport. There were more outputs than inputs for some reason and it appeared on the cusp of the computer/ streaming technology as things were still evolving.

Only gone up by £300 in about 10 years of being in production. Ndx2 went up £300 in one year alone.

Also when you buy it with the Osiris you get a £1000 off. Great company Rega for many reasons and a shining example to all.


Thanks I do have atlas mavros rca is this what you are talking about.

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Yeah, that’s the one. You’re all set!

Cheers, Rack.

Agree with all of that. They go for ‘relative’ peanuts used making them a serious bargain. The build quality and finish on the Rega reference kit is superb too and Rega are a great company to deal with.

Cheers, Rack.


Hi the remote for isis will this work 252 or will I need both remotes.

Just realised you’ve got 2 Isis threads running?

@Richard.Dane - could you combine @Hawkmoon threads if possible?

Cheers, Rack.

Would the Rega Isis work well with 300dr 252,anybody hear this combination.?

RackKit in your other Isis thread:


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Hi will the isis remote work the 252 or do I need both remotes?

This I do not know, @RackKit will :slight_smile:

I just used the remote Rega supplied to operate the CD player and the Naim remote for the 252.

I can’t remember there being a volume control for the Isis on the remote.

Hawkmoon, I’ve merged your two threads. Please try to keep posts to the one thread rather than starting more on the same issue.

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The Rega Osiris remote works both Isis and Osiris [volume and input switching] , now whether that would work on Naim gear i dont know.

I would imagine the isis remote would have no volume, so the 252 remote i still need for volume. I am trying to get a home demo for isis I will be keeping my 300dr 252 if I go down that root.

I seem to remember a Narcom 4 would control the volume on a Rega Cursa so it would be reasonable to expect the Rega remote to control the volume on a Naim amp, not so hopeful when it comes to mute but maybe. Nothing else though, so not mono, balance or input.