Rega P10 slipmat

Hi,am really pleased with my new P10,however the slipmat has a life of its own.I’m sure it’s a lot thinner than most,I don’t know if that’s what is contributing to the static build up,I can’t lift an album off without fetching the mat with it.It’s so annoying,I never had this problem with my RP6,has anyone else had this problem,and if so did you change mats,and if so which one can you recommend ?

I played around with a few alternative mats on my Rega RP10. In particular I found that the Herbie’s Audio mat, while seemingly adding extra heft to the low end, also managed to pull the music apart in a way that made it much less engaging. In the end I went back to the white flat mat that Rega supplied. I guess they know what they’re doing…

p.s. To minimise static cling, run LPs through a wet cleaner then replace in anti-static inners. No more static cling problems.

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Hi Richard,yes I agree with cleaning/storage suggestions,and that Rega must know what they’re doing,I do clean and store albums in that way.I’ve no issue with the performance of t/t,nevertheless I’m still getting this result,very frustrating.

What is the humidity in the room? Also, any synthetic floor coverings/carpeting?

The mat doesn’t “create” static, but other factors can contribute.

I have a leather mat from Analogue Seduction. No static and a bit improved sound for my ears. ( Rega Rp10).

Hi,nothing has changed in the room from when I had previous t/t,so not sure that the room could be an influence,the mat just feels so thin/flimsy compared to the mat Rega supplied with the RP6.

Hi,thanks for that,will take a look,was thinking of a different material,such as leather or maybe even cork?

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Achromat… brilliant.

Thanks to all for responses,am investigating the recommendations mentioned as I type !

My point is that if you have a room that is conducive to static issues, choosing a mat based on “solving” that is not the way to go, IMO.

Thanks,but as I say,I never had a problem with the RP6 felt mat,but I do with the P10’s,the room hasn’t changed,so it points to the mat?

Cork on Rega is not ideal, from what I could read sometimes. Some like the Funk Firm Acromat.
I can only testify very positively on mine.

Not IMO because the options you’re discussing involve changing the sound to solve a static issue.

The fact that another mat survived in that environment doesn’t mean that the problem is the mat, unless you’ve measured the stuff I’ve mentioned like humidity.

But if the room conditions are the same ,I can’t see where your coming from ? Until I try another mat I won’t know the affect on the sound .

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Achromat now ordered,delivery around 20th Oct,well worth a try.

I had exactly the same issue initially with the P10 but eventually it stopped doing it. Dont know what caused the static build up for it to resolve itself. I also read that the best sound quality is achieved by using no mat at all…

Wow,have you tried it?

Not personally, but it was a post script to one of the P10 reviews. I wasn’t sure whether the reviewer was being serious. Anyway, after picking the mat up off the floor a dozen times, it seems to have now ceased doing it…

I used it with good results

Mats are affected differently by static - the problem is the static, not the mat. The fact that one was impervious to that doesn’t mean the new one has an issue.

A sports car performs worse in snow that a jeep - it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the car.