Rega P3 mains hum

I have a very early unmodified P3 with an R200 arm. Is there any way that I can lessen the mains hum that becomes particularly loud as the cartridge moves towards the centre of a disc?
It is independent of cartridge used and the turntable earth lead is connected. As I listen to very little vinyl, I do not wish to embark on major expenditure on this issue.

It sounds as though you are picking up motor hum quite strongly ( a common early Rega problem) I wonder if the motor itself needs attention?
Try grounding the motor casing and spindle to the arm earth first to check this.

I was thinking of a grounding issue/fault too.

The centre spindle/chassis should be earthed through the arm cable. It is possible to test for this using a multimeter switched to a continuity mode.

Early P3’s were well known for this failing. First thing to do is put a temp ground in place to check if you haven’t a multimeter. Then if it still humming it becomes a pain to check whether there is a break in the arm grounding.

Very many thanks to both for your advice. I will get it down from the attic and see if my multimeter gives me any clarity.

What cartridge are you using?
Some are particularly sensitive to picking up interference from the motor as it travels towards the centre.
Grado are notorious for this.

I have several but gone back to the original Rega Bias

Drawn a bit of a blank here. The motor is suspended on rubber bands and I can neither find anywhere to attach an earth to the motor nor any accessible earth on the arm. I did wonder whether I should replace my 220V AC motor with the 24V DC version. At the end of the day, maybe I should just go back to relying on my NDX2.

Surely, you just need to go to your nearest Rega dealer…? What am I missing, here…?

OK. This is at your own risk. I can’t see any failure that could occur and have done this myself, but as I say its your own risk. Unfortunately I sold my old P3 last year so can’t take any pictures. It will earth the arm but may or may not work on the motor hum.

Take a thin earthing wire.
Attach it to the outer casing of the left channel from the Rega phono connection. Plug in the phono connection.
Take the other end of the grounding wire and attach that to a ground on the phono stage, if there isn’t one then attach it to a screw that goes in to the casing.
If there isn’t a phono stage and you are using the phono stage in the amp, then attach the free end of the earth wire to the amp chassis via its earth point or a convenient screw.

Incidentally the original Planar 3 had a flying earth in the phono lead. Why yours hasn’t is a mystery?

Yes. if you are not sure, take it to your dealer to have a look at.

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The P3 has a flying earth and my multimeter shows it is connected to the tonearm. How I connect that to the motor is more difficult.
There were once 2 Rega dealers very close by but no more. Please do not let me waste any more of your time.

Until recently, had the same deck. I swapped out the motor for the 24v version including the TT PSU.
Quite an easy job and very worthwhile. No hum, easy speed change and better pitch control.
Later I changed the R200 for an RB300. Again, well worth the effort.
I have a P6 now, which does sound different, probably better, but does not look as nice!!
Mine had the timber edging and dark smoked cover

Interesting. Might give it a go but as I very rarely play vinyl I am not sure. Most of my 100+ LPs can be found on Qobuz and for many I have more modern performances on a Core.

Unlike many, the rega tt’s don’t have an earth terminal and the cartridge picks up hum from the motor as it moves towards the centre due to poor shielding (?)- certain cartridges are more prone to producing this hum too.This combination is very annoying!

I think on the more expensive rega TT’s this problem is less? Also some people don’t suffer from this at all which is frustrating too. I tried for ages to get rid of this various earth leads/mu metal etc and gave up and sold mine…

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