Rega P6 or Oracle Origine

I am considering upgrading my turntable. Currently have a Rega P1 with Ortofon Blue MM and have potential candidates narrowed to two options including a new Rega P6 or (demo) Oracle Origine. I was about to get the Rega and came across the Oracle and I’m intrigued. I wasn’t aware that Oracle has a turntable in the approximate price range so wondering it it’s quality is up to the others in their line and how it might compare to the P6. The oracle certainly has the wow factor visually but sound quality is my priority. I’m only interested in thoughts on the turntables only as cartridges are a whole different conversation but I will be staying in the MM world regardless of which turntable I choose.

The phono pre will be a Stageline to a Supernait 2 and Neat Sx5i’s.

Thanks in advance for your insights.

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