Rega P6 + Rega Ania: Which phono?

Hi at all

I just bought a Rega Ania cartridge for my Rega P6.

my current phono stage is the stageline N (before I had an Exact).

now I need to buy a MC phone.

at the moment the budget is limited to € 300/400. the alternatines are:

  • s / h stageline E (the E model is correct for the Ania head?)
  • Rega Fono MC
  • what else ??

I already know that the qualitative leap can be a Seperline or a Rega Aria … but that will be a future upgrade … at the moment I have to wait and be satisfied with a cheaper Fono but that still matches well with my current system (282/HCDR/250.2/SBL MK II)

any suggestion are welcome …

Thx in advance

Angelo, the Ania is a low output MC, so you would need a Stageline S or K. However, you might well be best off with the Fono MC (they should be pretty much guaranteed to work well together) until such time as you can afford something like an Aria or a Superline.

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Thanks Richard for the quikly replay :+1:

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Angelo, Looks like that old Sondek proved to be a box of spanners :wink:
Anyway, I agree with Richard’s advice.

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you are right Chris … in the end I was afraid to buy an LP12 … too many customizations and too many upgrades … I know myself … it would have been the end of my bank account😂


If you buy used you could probably stretch to a Tricord Dino Mk 1 or 2 with a Dino + psu for that money and that is a far superior phono amp than either the Naim or the Rega.

Yes, plus one on that. I had a Rega Fono MM that was really musical. Lush mids…Great PRAT…If the MC version is as musical Id certainly go for it.

It’s certainly worth hearing others, I haven’t!
I’m using a rega fono mk2 and have found the swagman labs power supply a worthwhile upgrade, with a bit more control and clarity, while I save for an Aria.

Currently using the Aura pre amp and is very very satisfied with that. Didn’t like the Ania at al prior to buying Aura, but now I am actually enjoying it. Still I consider upgrading to P8 or P10 - like the less ‘traditional’ look of them and also thinking the Apheta cart would do great with the Aura. Cheers /Joakim

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Obviously the Aura would not be a consideration for the op, but could you give us a quick summary of it. I’m using a prefix on lp12 and considering the switch to aura (linn krystal cart)

I’ve reconed that when I had already posted the response. The Aura adds a lot of body (which a missed most with the Ania before), but also separates the presentation of various instruments (ie when listening to jazz records). The added body is what I enjoy the most. Prior to Aura I tried pro next tube box ds2 and Black cube se II, black cube was ok but a bit thin in presentation. Aura is expensive, but very very good. I also like knowing that it will handle even better PU:s /Joakim

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