Rega P8 and Pro-Ject Cover it

Has anyone bought a Pro-Ject Cover It for their Rega RP8, RP10, P8 or P10 did the RPM5 cover fit or did you buy the larger universal one which is twice the price.

FYI - the Michell Engineering Unicover is another option and pretty well priced. Not sure on fitment though.

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Just an idea, but I think you can have a plexiglass/acrylic 5-sided box made to any size you like for (much) less than the price of the cover-it.

Just search for “acrylic display case custom” or similar.

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I have a cover it RPM 1/3.


There is a chap on the bay who makes really nice covers for it at a very reasonable price


That’s good news I’ll check it out.

Yes, I bought one (RPM5 Cover it) just before Christmas for my RP10 and it’s just the ticket. Nice thick acrylic too, so the quality is good.

Project cover it1


That’s great seems excellent value at less than £100. The standard P8 cover wasn’t well received on the domestic front though she really likes the actual deck design so I think the Pro-ject will be acceptable

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Agree with the Michell Unicover, who Michell claim will fit any TT.
I can confirm it fits my gyro se, like it was made for it!
And at £45 does the job well.
Some of these other 5 sided perspex boxes look like they’d end up covered in dust ( yes, i get that is their job, but…)
And where do you put them when not on the TT. They do look a bit big?


The Michell has my attention now £45 seems very attractive.

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Just looked it up it’s pretty much the same as the Rega.

There she is on top of the PMCs whilst TT is in use.

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Thank you for taking the time to post photos the Michell is much the same as the Rega and I was looking for something to cover the whole deck though.

The Michell does not do that!
Just the go-aroundy bit and the arm.
Not sure if the Rega version does or not.
Or it may be a 5 sided perspex box!

I got mine from the bay outfit, JnB Audio, which makes custom dust protectors. I received mine in just a few days from ordering in the states, and it is easily as good as the OEM Clearaudio one for a fraction of the price. Very nice quality.

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I’d give that Mitchell Unicover a very wide berth. The Rega one has the leg that sits in a hole above the back foot, so if accidentally knocked it cannot move. The Mitchell would just spin round and possibly damage the arm. The Rega cover works really well and keeps the dust off most effectively.

If it were me I’d just do nothing for a while. When I got new speaker stands Mrs HH was really unhappy with the looks. Now she is used to them and quite happy. Unfortunately it’s now me that doesn’t like them!

Don’t forget Scott Nangle do covers

I have the RPM1/3 at £70, very satisfied, and reasonable price.

I have found a company in Brighton that will make one for £38.

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Hi Richard, I am curious why you do not just use the plinth and cover that comes with the RP10. I own the RP10 also, and took my plinth/cover off when someone here suggested it sounds better without it. I never noticed a difference in the sound, so I am thinking about reinstalling the cover again. Do you hear an improvement when just using the skeleton frame?

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