Rega P8 stopped spinning

suddenly just…stopped
working again but a little strange

Check the plug of the turntable to the PSU. There is a trick to it: When you hold the cable with one hand, you can slide back the plastic collar that encloses the metal plug. Then plug it in and release the collar. It will lock the plug into place. If you don’t, it may erratically stop spinning.
When unplugging, simply pull the collar (not the cable). This will pull back the collar and release the plug.
There was an older thread on the forum about this, too. It happened to me as well and is easy to get wrong (and it seems maybe poorly documented? At least I didn’t notice in the manual and I am not the only one)

Edit: By the way: The manual does say that it is important to first plug turntable to PSU and only then PSU to mains. This kind of instruction is the one that gets easily overlooked or ignored when there, but my dealer said that they have seen PSUs fry when done the other way around.

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didn’t know about that collar, a million thanks
don’t know if that was the problem but i followed
your instructions and i’ll be crossing my fingers
for a couple weeks now

Many (most?) people seem not to, and it’s no wonder when the manual (I have just looked it up) simply says, “Connect the power DIN lead from the rear of the Planar 8 to the 24 V AC input socket on the rear panel of the Neo.”
You’d think they would mention this … sometimes it’s weird. (Also with the Naim amp manuals and connection guides for example. One of them, the connection guide I believe, mentions burndy direction markers, while the manual section on connection show the markers in the drawings but does not mention them or explain what they mean)

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