Rega p8 tracking force dial problem

mine will not stay at any setting less than about 1.8

it just keeps moving on its own from zero to 1.8 then stops…?

That’s not right. It sounds like it’s too loose and the spring is pushing it round - IIRC, the spring is at maximum force at 0g, and minimum force at 3g. I would advise you to contact your Rega dealer and have it fixed.


like the actual dial is too loose?
there’s screw right there in the front of it, maybe i should get the driver out!

yeah, those bolts are really tight (one in front, one in back) so
i’m not about to get the wrenches out
i’ll just live with it and adjust the counterweight, same difference i guess

Did you buy it new? There should be some guaranty against defects even in the US.

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