Rega rp10 / Lyra kleos or P10/ delos

Who could have compared Rega rp10 vs new p10. I wonder which combo would sound best: buy a rega p10 and keep my Lyra delos, or buy a Lyra kleos ( the higher level in the Lyra range) and keep my Rp10.
Any thoughts, listenings ?

Not heard either but would’ve thought the better deck with your same cart will sound better than a lesser deck with a better cart.

P10 is supposed to be a step up from the RP10 otherwise Rega would still be producing the RP10.

No personal experience but I guess it depends on how much better the P10 is. The Kleos is twice the price of the Delos, so one would expect a pretty significant increase in SQ if moving to the Kleos. With the P10 being “just” the next incarnation of the RP10 then quite possibly the gains are smaller, relatively speaking. Again, I don’t know - just offering a perspective.

I feel I will go for the P10. However I take time. As said above, I don’t know really how the P10 improves vs the Rp10. A real step or just a bit better.
I wonder if some here have went from rp10 to p10.

I World recommend that you contact an experienced Rega dealer. I used to have a P25 with a Ortofon Kontrapunkt and a Dynavektor, both requiring spacers. But for me this never really sung, and I always suspected the spacers playing a part here… to the extent that if I were to go back to a Rega I would go with a Rega cart as well, just for the peace of mind.

My delos on rega rp10 sounds very good. Lyra on rega rb2000 arms fit very well. I have an acoustic signature spacer ( shim) . Have heard the Rega Apheta 2, but prefer clearly my Lyra.
I had the P25 some years ago . It could not really take better carts at that time. The RB 2000 is something else.

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