Rega RP10 or Vertere DG-1?

I have done the same. The magik was well behind ( with the project arm) . But each experience is different.
The rp10/ aphelion/ rega iOS was on the level of the top Linn klimax lp12 in this same test. They were different however: the rega was quicker and had better attacks and decay. The lp12 was a bit more detailed, with more body and bass. But globally same level but near 7k less for the rega.

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£7k a big difference in price between these top decks.

Absolutely. The lp12 klimax is overpriced. But remain very musical. However today there are a lot of very musical decks …

Was that the original IOS or reference IOS phonostage FR? Guessing it wasn’t the latest Aura (IOS reference replacement)?

The sky is the limit with an LP12, both in terms of sound quality and expenditure!

If you found a used LP12 with the right hardware it could possibly surpass the p10 for similar money.

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Not the aura. It was some years ago…

Only one way to find out…have an extended listen at home. How many times has this been said!

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Absolutely! Will definitely be sorting a demo out at some point.

…will be good to hear your conclusions.

I have and dont do it unless you want to buy the P10.
I did just this and thats why i have sold my superline/ supercap/ hiline/ airplug/ P8 and got a P10 and aura. Simply stunning.

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@Dunc this is pretty much my plan although I can get a very good priced superline for my 552 without any PS

The simple proposition of P10/alphetta/aura sounds good…

How do you compare p10 vs p10? And superline ve aura?

Is it worth the jump?

…in truth, I purchased the P10 without doing any side by side comparisons…it is stunningly good and this is obvious immediately.

The Aura has arrived then. What happened to waiting for the P12😄

Its will be too much money for me, as the P10 is bad enough at £4499 and the P12, well i guess it will be quite a bit more.
Will more than likely have the new version of the aphelion only and come in around £8499.


I would just wait till you can get the aura and then go for a P10.
The difference that these two make when paired together is just fabulous and it was easiest the best sounding turntable combo i have heard.
I have heard LP12’s costing well over £15K on very nice systems but they didnt sound as nice, the detail and excitement, well all off it really. It has made me think about which is my main source and for now it will be turntable over NDS/555 x 2.
I liked my superline combo and had just about maxed it out (only a better 4 to 5 din over the hiline, might have been better?) But straight away the difference was clear and i knew that i had to change when i could, just waiting for it all to come now and hope it sounds as good in my front room


Interesting that you should say this…‘It has made me think about which is my main source and for now it will be turntable over NDS/555 x 2.’…I have had the same experience. I did not need to do any side by side comparisons, the improvement in everything ‘musical’ and everything ‘hi-fi’ is enormous. I do have a very revealing system, but best not to go into that here :slight_smile:

Very tempted to Rega trio - P10/Aura/Alphetta3

Looks like a good value in a world of Uber expensive TTS and match for 500s

I have the rp10 / Delos / ear 912 phono. It sounds already better on good recorded albums vs my nds/ 555dr/ melco n1/2.
I was tempted to upgrade to Vertere or even new P10 with better cartridge.
However I listen more to modern jazz albums which are not often made as lp or not always well made in lp ( sounding a bit digital).
So for me it would not been finally logical to have the vinyl source as the main source.
But I know that vinyl can sound better vs the best streamers.

I, too, am lucky in this respect…my sources are P10/Apheta 3/DV P75 Mk 4 and KDS (kat)…both are fantastic…but, just for example, I can read while listening to digital…this is not the case with vinyl.

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