Rega RP10 or Vertere DG-1?

It’s good to know that I am not the only one that believes the TMS out performs the DG-1 Eoink. :blush:

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Update - currently got a DG1 on home demo, it’s astonishingly musical and engaging.

It’s just got a very modest AT moving magnet cartridge but sounds fabulous so far. I’m even loving the mood lighting :grin:


Any pictures to go with your mini review? :sunglasses:

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That’s one very unusual looking tone arm! :astonished:

Be interested to hear what you think of it compared to the Planar 10.

I’d love to be proven wrong but I think the Vertere would probably still come out in front - it was a considerable step up from my RP8.

Besides, no mood lighting on the p10 :blush:

Mood lighting, guessing that’s something built into the deck then. Impressive looking bit of kit though.

I commented to Touraj that I was quite tempted by a DG-1 to feed my Nova, he was taken by the fact he thought it would be a good visual match.

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You heard both side to side?

EAT have a similar arm on one of their decks.

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Who is going to buy planar 10 and compare it to planar 8?:slight_smile:

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Has anyone any suggestions for a suitable cartridge for the Vertere?

I could use the Rega Apheta 2 MC cart from my rp8 of course but interested to hear any recommendations. I’ve heard good things about Hana and Lyra but I’ve not got much experience of cartridges.

I was impressed with the sound of the DG I borrowed that was fitted with an audio Technica MM cart, which was an eye opener so keeping an open mind!

The new Vertere cartridge is due out any time now :grinning:

Touraj was in town a few months demoing the DG-1 alongside one of his TT’s much higher up the ladder. I was hugely impressed with the DG-1’s performance (again with a cheap cartridge). Of course the more expensive deck was better, but not by as much as you’d expect given the difference in price.

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New to Naim community! I am interested in music, but to get there you do need good gear, hence my interest in ‘the high-end’. To the point…I auditioned [at home] a P10/Apheta 3…it took very little time to decide that I could not fathom how many steps better it is than my then resident P9/DV XX-2 MkII. So clear, so lively, but most importantly, so much music.


It is certainly true that Mr T Moghaddam makes extremely fine TTs


Hi Jlewis. Is it a clear upgrade over the P9? I’m running a P9/Atheta/IOS at the mo.

It is a vast improvement over the P9…I enjoyed music on the P9, but the P10 is in a different league…
Best wishes, John

Thanks John. I was really happy with the P9 but done some upgrades recently & now it seems a bit flat compared to how it sounded before. It’s still good but doesn’t grab attention like it used to.

…compared with the P9, the P10 absolutely fizzes with life…but I was unaware of there being any deficit with the P9 until I had the P10. Interestingly, the Apheta 3 sounds at it’s best tracking at 2g and with the correct loading and capacitance…these parameters make an easily noticeable difference.