Rega RP10 or Vertere DG-1?

I have the rp10 / Delos / ear 912 phono. It sounds already better on good recorded albums vs my nds/ 555dr/ melco n1/2.
I was tempted to upgrade to Vertere or even new P10 with better cartridge.
However I listen more to modern jazz albums which are not often made as lp or not always well made in lp ( sounding a bit digital).
So for me it would not been finally logical to have the vinyl source as the main source.
But I know that vinyl can sound better vs the best streamers.

I, too, am lucky in this respect…my sources are P10/Apheta 3/DV P75 Mk 4 and KDS (kat)…both are fantastic…but, just for example, I can read while listening to digital…this is not the case with vinyl.

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