Rega rs10 how does it go with Naim amps

Has anybody auditioned or partnered Yamaha’s new range of speakers with Naim? I was especially interested in the Yamaha NS 3000.

At nearly £8,000 they should be stunning!

I’ve changed the header, anybody had any experience with the Rega RS10?

I’m now considering between these speakers and the PMC range.

I used to run Rega RS10s with the Isis and Osiris and changed up to PMC MB2se.

A major improvement , as you would expect at the price difference , but still having a very similar sound signature.

I would think you would be looking at either the Fact 12 or Twenty5 26i to equal/improve on the RS10.

That’s very helpful, thank you. How would you describe the Rega speakers top end? I’m very sensitive to etched treble.

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