Rega service

I’ve had my rega p6 for 2 years now I got it ex demo
Do you think it’s service time ie new oil on the bearing and belt
I can’t seem to find to much about servicing it so don’t even know if I should!!!

Well. I’ve had my P25 since 1998 and never thought about changing the oil.
I guess you can use a syringe out the old stuff and replace with new. You’d need to make sure you can adequately clean the bearing out. If you leave any debris( assuming there is some debris) then this will have done limited benefit.
Give it a go and tell what you find. Doubt you will hear any change.

Well that sounds good to me, it’s probably why it’s not covered in the manual or on the site, think I’ll leave it well alone and just enjoy then
It was just one off those thoughts I had to day whilst being board

Archie, My diagnosis is audiophilia nervosa. My proposed remedy is that you go to the fridge and select a cold San Miguel. Take two 330ml bottles orally, on a daily basis until this feeling passes.

Seriously, before the pandemic Rega used to run workshops in conjunction with their dealers. No doubt they will again, afterwards. Maybe take the P6 to one of the workshops and get it checked over when they resume.

Meantime, put another record on :slight_smile:

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I think that rega bearings are ‘oiled for life’. It is a specific oil (a little sulfury smelling).

Unless you can hear a bearing rumble when you’re close to the spinning platter, then it’ll be fine. Worth checking the tension of the belt though, as they can wear a little loose prematurely if you don’t give the motor a helping hand and push the platter a smidge when powering up.

Funnily enough I recently serviced my RP6 - fresh oil, new bearing and belt (all original), wiped down all of the belt contact points with dilute isopropyl alcohol, and now the platter speeds up very quickly and no bearing rumble - the whole procedure took around twenty mins and it was a breeze to do.

It’s not a magic oil and think about the oil in your engine and the revs and pressure involved … rega bearing will barely touch a modern synthetic oil…

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Rega have introduced a new belt called the EBLT. I believe the Planar 6 started shipping with it in early 2020, so you may want to get hold of one.

I’m tee total I’m afraid but I’ll put the kettle on instead :joy::joy:

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Yep I’ve seen that hh thanks I’ll look into that one

£25. Treat yourself. I really like my bright red Rega mat - it really lifted the greyness of my Planar 6. Go crazy!

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…I think it is a ‘hypogolic oil’…or something that sounds like that. It is specified by Rega.

A quick Google says 80 SAE hypoid, just two drops.

I doubt the oil is anything special.

Always time for a picture. Can you spot the mat?


I think I can, could it be the yellow thing in the top left of the picture?

P.S. love how it matches the cartridge


i clean the bearing of my planar 2 (model year 1990) just 2 years ago.
clean shaft, ball and his seat, and put 3-4 drops of sewing machine oil.

Haha. Yes, cart and mat match, but pure coincidence. The mat has been on the 25 for years. The exact cart about 4. Just as well I like yellow!

I did the oil change in the bearing on my P3 when recommissioning it after many years and as others have said, cleaned out using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud (probably should NOT have used one of those in retrospect but got lucky). I used a magnifying glass with torch to check the inside of the bearing housing.

Oil is gearbox oil, and the spec is as mentioned earlier. But it is literally just a couple of drops from a dropper or the bearing shaft will just float and the tolerances were so tight that the reassembly needed to be lined up with care. Anyway, it all worked out, runs perfectly, no rumbles or grumbles.

The factory were very helpful with advice and sent me a spare capacitor and resistor, since that’s all I have in mine other than the motor. They reminded me to unplug it from the mains before tinkering…the capacitor was duff so the platter ran backwards until I fixed it.

Immensely satisfying working with that bearing, too, you can just feel the precision in it. Also very satisfied not to have buggered it up!

For clarity: a hypoid oil is a specific type of oil and is different to the usual varieties of machine oil. Easy to Google this. I would have thought that Rega do have reasons for specifying hypoid oil.

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I used EP80-90 gear oil. Which reminds me that when it was new the dealer put normal machine oil in it so I took it to the factory on that occasion since it was just round the corner at the time.