Rega System One news?

It seemed to get a lot of buzz when it was introduced in early 2020. Over a year has passed since then. Any word on when it will be available?

I’ve just checked my local dealer’s website and the system one is very much available, albeit at £1,153 rather than £999. It’s simply the Planar 1, Io amp and Kyte speakers.

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I heard this little system at the 2020 Bristol show and i have to say i thought it was truly magnificent for the asking price. Anyone starting out with vinyl really should consider it. Obviously Covid has put it’s mark on things and i would’ve thought that Rega would’ve struggled to keep up with demand, such is the value for money this little system offers.

I did ask about the speaker stands they were using at the time (as they really matched the Kyte’s aesthetics), and said to the Rega guy that it maybe a good idea to offer those as an added extra and he thought it was a very good idea also. Who knows…?

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Add a cheap streamer to the Rega system and you have a great system that can easily be upgraded for a similar price to a Muso. Definitely appealing to different market segments but both could well hook customers into their respective brands.

A Node2i or the little Yamaha unit would be ideal.

Or a Zen mini 3. Ripper,storage and streamer. But we have now doubled the original cost. Best not get carried away…

I think it’s been available since the show last year, or at least early spring 2020. You get interconnects and speaker cables plus the 3 components, so if you need stands for the speakers, that’s extra.

I found a couple U.K. Dealer sites that say it’s coming late 2021. Nothing here in the U.S. yet.

My brother in law put in an order with his local dealer following the show. He was warned there might be a delay with the speakers.
The turntable was delivered April 2020, the amp October 2020.
The speakers were notified as available at the beginning of February 2021, the only thing being that they have been reworked, are taller than the show pair and working from home he had some fitted furniture installed whilst waiting, he was considering turning the on their sides. Haven’t heard the outcome.
Once I am allowed to visit and go indoors…

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It seems rega same as everyone has been impacted. The rega folk were ready to go Feb 20 but then everything changed in the UK one month later. From above comments, it seems the kyte’s were tweaked.

A search of the show reports, then the latest on the Rega site shows at the least they have been turned upside down.
I am sure I have seen a photo of a factory visit that had a row of Kyte prototypes, some tweeter top, others bottom.

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