Rega tonearm lifter

Is anyone else noticing the extreme heat affecting the cueing lever of their Rega tonearms? I think these astonishing UK summer temperatures are altering the viscosity of the damping grease, and the tonearm lifter on my RB303 is lowering the stylus onto the record much quicker than it usually does, so for safety, after a rather loud clunky needle drop on the first LP this evening, I’m hand cueing all LPs at the moment.

Just be careful with those delicate cartridge cantilevers if you have a Rega tonearm :slight_smile:

No heat detected today. I was listening through my P10 a good part of the afternoon. 30C outside, maybe 26 inside.

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I can believe it.

When I had my Planar 3 in the mid eighties, the arm wouldn’t always drop in winter. The remedy was to lock the arm, then gently put a bit of finger pressure on the lift and move the cueing lever through a few up and downs, maybe for ten seconds or so. After which it worked.

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@frenchrooster Ah, ok, I wonder if mine just needs a quick mini service.

@Christopher_M OK, great will give that a try.


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