Rega turntable modifications

I have a Rega P3 24 in a second system which I was considering replacing but first wanted to explore if I could make some adjustments and improvements to it as an interim step. I’ve done a swap of the drive belt for the white Rega type and moved to a Funk Firm Achromat. I’ve also looked at sub-platter and bearing options which can be swapped in easily enough and for modest outlay. Posting the question to field inputs from the community and findings if any on similar changes to your own Rega turntables.

No experience of best mods but understand aluminium subplatter with new bearing and Neo TT PSU get good results BUT, you get NEO and better plinth, tonearm etc etc with P6, so factoring trade-in value of your P3, maybe not such a big outlay. I decided not to upgrade my RP3 and save up for the P6 and s posh cartridge.

Already have the TT PSU, so main change would be a bearing/sub platter swap. Did you find the move to the P6 a worthy change out of interest?
Have you done anything else with it from stock. You mention a cartridge investment, what cart do you have on it?
Appreciate the comments and feedback.

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The P3 benefits from

1.Two belt conversion
2.Removing the motor from the plinth and putting it in a separate housing not connected to the plinth (except by the belt)
3.Sorbothane feet instead of the hard rubber ones supplied with all models
4.A decent wall shelf like the vulkan

Don’t spend a fortune…but get big improvement in sound

No not got the P6 yet, still with stock RP3/Elys 2.

Interesting, not thought about 1 or 2, 3 and 4 I get and can see them being modest outlays with potential gains. My TT sits on top a Hutter rack spiked on a carpeted concrete floor so isolation from the room shouldn’t be an issue, 1 and 2 I’m curious about, do you have any links to guides or suggested materials/methods?
I’m willing to take it so far but not to a point where it’s more economic to just replace it with something higher spec in a stock configuration. I ended up with it as an alternative to a Thorens/SME setup which was tinkertastic but drove me to the level it and spin it Rega domain.

Two belt conversion used to be either home made (as I did) or aftermarket (eBay)
But now Rega makes it and fits as standard ( eg P8)

The motor drop is either done with a separate sub plinth with the motor fixed to that and Pocking through the original hole…but not fixed to it and the original feet standing on the sub plinth or… The motor removed from the plinth and put in a heavy metal holder stood under the original mounting point (but again not attached to it)

Reducing motor noise is the easy / best thing you can do cheaply

Google …tips on upgrading Rega p3

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