Rega Turntable Wall bracket 2016 version

Just wondered who had used one of these and their impressions. I’m particularly interested in determining the measurements between the holes used for attachment to the wall (both vertical and horizontal measurments). I’m trying to dtermine if attachment to my wall will be practical.

Yes, happy with mine. My walls are rendered over thermal blocks. You may need washers on one or both top bolts to level it using the bottom bolts which don’t fix in the wall. You will have to listen for yourself to decide if you like the sound.


I have one and it’s easy to fit so long as you have a good drill and a steady hand. It needs just two holes drilled for the top. You then screw it to the wall leaving a gap of 1 to 2mm between the shelf and the wall, and then level it with the bottom flat ended screws that don’t actually go in to the wall. You can download full instructions from the Rega website, an extract of which is below. Note that the shelf for the Planar 8 is smaller and has the holes closer together.


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