Registered or not Registered

How can I find out what I have, of all my Naim stuff, registered or not registered?

You can contact Naim support;

I’ve never registered anything I’ve bought. There’s no particular reason other than my dealer has a record of when everything was purchased. If there’s ever a problem (thankfully I’ve never had one yet) he’s there to help.

In the U.K. you need to register in order to get the extended five year warranty, which makes it well worth doing.


In the colonies we get no such thing (we don’t even get the powerline lite). We have to rely on our dealer’s support. Thankfully I have a great one.

I think the five year warranty on most of my kit ran out over 30 years ago. Oh, hang on! My Nait5si is still under warranty. Now Im starting to worry about it :joy:


If I understand correctly, even in non extended warranty regions, registration helps when making in warranty claims not via the original dealer. In case you move or whatever, and go via a new dealer, it takes off some of the work done to show you are the original owner and therefore entitled to the non transferrable warranty. You’re entitled anyway but it makes things easier. Probably for Naim and the dealer rather than you though.

Why do I need to be the original owner? Is there any clause regarding it when I buy a Naim component?

The warranty is non transferrable (I think - I’m open to being corrected on this). As it is effectively a contract between Naim and the purchaser. Though the seller can choose to provide their own warranty if they chose - and many dealers do this on second hand gear.

Perhaps Richard can confirm or deny?

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The UK extended warranty is non-transferrable. The contract is actually made between the Naim retailer and the customer, with Naim effectively being the underwriter.


What about the primary warranty Richard? The 2 year one on all sales worldwide. Is that also tied to the purchaser or is that transferrable?

Note the following clause in the UK guarantee terms;

In the event of a change of ownership during the product’s life, only the basic two-year manufacturer’s warranty will be transferred to the new owner. Please note that proof of original purchase must be provided. Extended warranty is non-transferable.

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I’ve looked on the support pages suggested but I cannot see any info on how to find out what one has registered. I guess that one has to contact Naim and prove that you are the valid owner and they may tell you?

Not that I have any concerns over this but I am interested if you found out for yourself?

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Please see my earlier post on this thread. Contact Naim support via email.

Support must be busy.

I registered my 222/300/250 a few weeks ago online for the extended 5 year warranty but haven’t received an email from them.

Just emailed Support.

I will wait until I hear back.

When I registered my gear, I got an actual letter in the post airmail from Naim. Did take a while though.

If you have previously registered stuff a subsequent registration won’t generate a confirmation email. It’s a glitch in the system. It’s been like that for a while, so heaven knows why they don’t fix it.

Oh. I previously registered a Nova. Great product it was too!

Being able to access a list of what is owned shouldn’t be that difficult. I can do it with my washing machine manufacturer but sadly not my Naim gear.

Thanks, as I did not see the bit about using email to ask Support what kit one has registered.

I might email them just to check as they may well have some old kit that I no longer own.