Registering pre-loved, privately purchased gear

I’ve recently become the proud owner of a number of pieces of Naim equipment (NDX2 | NAC 252 | NAP 300DR | SuperCap DR | XPS DR | Super Lumina DIN:DIN | Super Lumina DIN:XLR ).
Most of the items are less than one year old, and I’m obviously keen to register my ownership and make sure that there is continuation of warranty.

Product registration seems straight forward if you purchased new equipment from a dealer, maybe not so, for a private purchase.

Is the ‘purchase date’ the original date when the gear was bought from the dealer, or the date I acquired the equipment privately?

Under the ‘Retailer’ section… do I enter the original dealer’s details or simply say ‘private purchase’?

Your help appreciated…

If you have the purchase receipts then it’s from date of purchase, otherwise from date of manufacture (serial number). Note that in the UK only the initial 2 year warranty is transferrable.

Ok thanks Richard … I have the purchase receipts…
I have registered all the products this evening… I didn’t get a confirmation email… how can I check that the products are now registered in my name?

You’d need to get in touch with Naim.

I’ve never received a confirmation email with either new of P/L registrations, which I felt was a little strange.

It seems spotty and Clare said a long time ago that she would investigate, but alas.

This was her (and there is more info in the thread):

There are some threads on the forum where someone did receive an email and others where they didn’t

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I registered new products last year and never got an emails but i had a power button problem and sent it back and was fixed under warranty so should not be an issue.

That’s good to hear … my 252 has a volume imbalance at low volume, and I’m banking on a warranty return to get it fixed!

It took 6 weeks for mine but i live in ireland and i was very happy with the process .The 252 is a very very good preamp and naim are still the best in my opinion .enjoy

that’s quite common issue, especially when the volume pot is in very low position. I got use to it, also depends how sensitive your speakers are of course.

My 252 has imbalance in low position but doesn’t bother me.

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The imbalance is such that one channel is inaudible at low volume … I mean silent … not ideal…
I’ve been playing with a workaround this evening… Disabled automation (no control of 252 via the app), set the NDX2 to variable volume and wind it down… In this way, at least I can turn the 252 volume knob up a little to avoid the imbalance zone. This works, but might be a bit more painful to control the volume on other inputs … my TT for instance … we’ll see…

The ALPS imbalance at the very beginning of travel is usually only a possible issue with modern digital kit putting out 2v+ and modern “loud” remastering has made this far worse than it used to be. A TT and phono stage should be fine as they likely will be outputting less than half the level of digital device so you’ll have a much greater range on the volume control.

I moaned on here before about the imbalance on my 252. The balance was permanently at 2 o’clock.

Bought a 552. And now it’s at half past two :grimacing:

I checked with the buyer of my 252 and guess where that balance dial is now; dead centre…

Best get my ears checked :rofl:

Sounds wonderful all the same :sunglasses:

If your balance is at 12 o’clock then commiserations, you’ve wasted money… And if it’s not, be thankful it’s there, it’s money very well spent!

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