Regular Dropouts with Multiroom

A cautionary tale and a long awaited solution.
For the past 4 years I have experienced dropouts whilst listening to the ‘slave’ unit, usually our Muso QB2, on Multiroom, using the Uniti Nova as the source.
Initially we were told that a firmware update would resolve this issue. It came and we still had the same problem. Introduction of Cisco 2960’s, Media converters and latterly a LHY Switch changed nothing and dropouts were a regular occurrence. Wiring with Ethernet cable and changing to WiFi changed nothing either.
Last week a change of ISP created the usual chaos of changing everything that relied on Wi-Fi to be powered down etc.
Whilst doing this, I discovered a long forgotten wi-fi extender, connected by ethernet to the network switch in our main bedroom. The wi-fi signal in that area has always been mediocre but everything appeared to work OK including the heating system, which with the new ISP became very tenuous. I decided to connect the wi-fi extender purely by wireless and using WPS managed to get this up and running. The extender was then plugged directly in to a mains outlet nearer to the heating hub and immediately we had a full wi-fi signal covering the bedrooms and heating system.
But the best bit, we no longer have any dropouts on Multiroom!
By the way the LHY switch is exceptional and no mucking about with external linear power supplies.

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