Rel Bassline Blue Differences - And Where To Connect?

Hoping this will be easy!

Been running an Uniti Atom for couple of months. Have my Rel T5i sub alongside - it’s connected by the subs wires wrapped around my speaker plugs. Doesn’t seem ideal?

When I bought it, my dealer did it for me, as I couldn’t work out where to hook it up…!

However, I’ve noticed the Bassline Blue cable -

Looks like they do a standard, and one for Naim - they look identical to me. Is there any difference?

Any idea how this would connect the sub? Do the spades just sit over the speaker plugs…or would that prevent the speaker plugs going fully in?

I am a total novice, so please be gentle, and keep it as simple as possible!!

BTW, here’s the current warzone -


The Naim one…

And from Rel themselves -

Hi there
it sounds as if you have the normal Bassline Blue, as the Naim version comes with stackable banana plugs which means that you simply put these in to the speaker sockets before the speaker cable

If you have a version with spade connectors its the normal version. The Naim cable also has it identified on the cable itself

I hope this clarifies the situation
Best Regards

Here’s the much cheaper alternative, suggested by REL.

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Did you look in the previous threads for this? I have no experience with this, but these may help?

Many thanks - I have found the answer!

After contacting REL and Designacable, who make the aftermarket variant - suggested by REL themselves - it looks like the one. It has the inputs which plug into the Atom, and the speakers plug into those.

Much more stable, and by all accounts, and handy little upgrade as well. Here’s hoping!

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