Rel Subwoofer Connection via RCA with NAC282

Hi all,
Tried to connect my REL Strata 5 subwoofer via hi level connection from the speaker terminals and immediately got static like popping sound on power up (pa-ba-pa-ba-pa-ba-pa-ba-pa-ba). NAC282 was still in muted startup check. Low level works fine from Onkyo receiver subwoofer out so I am guessing the error is with the input on the REL.

If I were to use the low levev (RCA) connection of the REL with my NDX2/282 what would be the best way to do it? This will be a temporary solution until I repair or more likely replace the old REL with a newer and better model.

@JosquinDesPrez has a Rel with Naim. Or had. Should help.

Hi @flame_rose ,

I agree that this is the best way to connect the sub. I would phone REL and check the way the plug should be wired, it is not consistent. I did this with BK when I wired that speakon.

BE CAREFUL. It is possible to do some damage I was warned.


I have REL subs and have used them with 282, and now 252. The high-level connection is by far the best way to go. The low-level RCA inut is really intended for (and works better) with DSP managed outputs on a HT processor.

Given that, I did once try using the low-level RCA connection with a 282/HiCap. It sounded really pretty aweful and I ended up with boomy, poorly-defined bass, which in turn had a negative affect on everything else in the spectrum, no matter how I tried adjusting it. If you really want to do it you need a special DIN-RCA cable made up to connect one of the spare DIN outputs on the HiCap to the RCA input on the REL. I wouldn’t bother.

Other than that I have always connected my REL subs directly the terminals on my speakrrs (not the amp).

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Thank you all for the advice. As the connections seem to be complicated and the subwoofer is in less than ideal functional status, I pulled the trigger on a REL S812 due to arrive Monday.

It will be a better match for the upgraded electronics and future speaker upgrade. Question was whether to buy 1 or 2 of them. Decided to go with one and see how it sounds before deciding.

Definitely two. More is better.

That S/812 is sweet! I have two older R-328 (long discontinued). I would like to have a pair of S/510 but I am done buying components so my 328s will have to do.

What is the sarcasm/seriousness ratio of that statement? The dealer asked for my room dimensions and I sent him a video and as the room is about 10x14 m I expected him to push for two subs but he thought one would be plenty. Not too sure myself.

No, I’m dead serious. My room is 11’ x 17’ and I started with one sub. Adding the second when I found one used was a huge improvement.

RELs website has a sub advisor. You should see what it suggests.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did use the REL subwoofer finder to match to room and speakers (potentials) and that is how I came to the S812. It gave both single and dual options.

The fact that the local dealer had it in stock made it a no brainer at a time when everything has to be ordered from abroad and lead times are in months and not weeks.

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