REL T7 connection confusion

Similar questions have been raised, but not the same AND I don’t understand the answers - so grateful for any advice
I am trying to connect my REL T7 by Hi-level to a Nait XS2 for my study system
I had a ‘posh’ audioquest Go-4 Hi-level cable but this has spades on, so I couldn’t use it so I got another more basic Hi-level cable with bare wire that I attached to stacking banana plugs on the amp.
But i was then worried that the stacking banana plugs could possibly touch, so wrapped a bit of tape around one.
But it’s a bit Heath Robinson
I could be in the market to get new cables, fullstop, ie including speaker (my speakers are PMC Twenty5.21)
I was also vaguely thinking about a Flatcap XS, if that has any relevance what so ever

Advice appreciated

Tim, welcome to the Naim forum.

you say you’re using “stacking banana plugs” on the Naim amp. I would change these for the Naim SA8 speaker connectors that came with your NAIT XS2. They are ideal here and a perfect metal match with the amp sockets. At the speaker end use what ever plugs best match the speaker sockets. Combined with new speaker cable - NACA5 of at least 3.5m/channel, but better yet 5m or more, the result should be an instant upgrade, although note that NACA5 takes a while to properly run-in (much longer than other speaker cables I have found), so some patience will be needed before it completely blooms.

Then connect your subwoofer off the terminals on the back of the speakers. This would be my preferred connection with Naim amps, even the later NAITs.

Have a read of the forum FAQ - specifically the section regarding speaker cable, connections etc… It will prove useful.

If it’s inconvenient to connect to the back of the speakers, you could take a low level connection from the sub out phono sockets on the Nait. Do make sure it’s a proper sub cable though, with suitable resistance.

Thanks Richard - very helpful

For the sub, the hi-level cable for the REL has three wires, so would need to connect to both speakers? So I would need a different hi-level cable that didn’t have the three cables “sheathed” together?

Or do I not need to use all three connections? (I appreciate that’s more of a REL question)

Interested why you say a “run of 5m” per channel

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Cheers - other comments say “hi-level at all costs” but I guess I don’t know till I try…

If you want to avoid stacking banana plugs, I would resolder your speaker cables using plugs that have a wide hole in them that will take both speaker and sub cables together.
Alternatively use a low level connection, but I have a suspicion that your particular sub has only a single RCA in for this, presumably intended for the .1 channel of an AV system, which may not be ideal.

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You would need to split the cable so that two go to one speaker, and one to the other. I believe Rel used to make a cable like this for use with Naim amps, but I’m not sure if they still do? Alternatively I would imagine Flashback would be able to make one up for you.

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Yes, I think you’re right re the low level connection - and as for soldering…:open_mouth:

Tim, as per Chris’ reply above, you would need to split the sheath, if possible, or else have a new cable made up. The good news is that the high level connection cable doesn’t need to be anything fancy or exotic, so should be quite inexpensive.

As for the 5m run, have a read of the FAQ…

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Ah, yes FAQ - will do

If I were to stump up for a Flatcap XS, could this be used - with a hi-level connector rather than the twin RCA??

ps - I also have a Naim CDX2, could this also benefit from the Flatcap (I run it as a digital out)

I was under the impression that the T7 had only a single RCA input, but maybe I’m wrong. Subs with a stereo input will sum the two channels together before filtering, so have two RCA input sockets.

No. The Flatcap provides low level outputs and cannot power a CDX2 anyway. High level outputs are from the speaker sockets.

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Ah, thanks

No, you’re right - it seems the only option is to get a cable made that connection to the speakers - ie hi-level at REL end, then two cables to connect to each speaker

In some ways I’m suprised that this isn’t a common thing , as these are REl and Naim must be a common combo

Just in case you are still confused, it’s a lead with three wires that you need. Two go to one speaker, and one to the other. I’d have expected one to come with your T7.

Cheers - yes, this doesn’t appear to be standard as most are configured to run to a amp connection - so in one sheath - rather than separate, So I don’t think this was the one originally supplied - my supplier made a cable up, which would meet by requirements but uses basic Chord cable and I wanted to use something better

If you have three little wires inside the outer sheath, just remove the sheath. Job done. You can use pretty much any old wire with a sub high level signal, even three core mains cable. You don’t need anything fancy.

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Well that’s certainly the cheapest route - just slightly concerned that there isn’t that much protection on the wire - but should give it a go

It will be fine, unless you will be constantly walking across the wires. It’s pretty standard with subs.