REL T9i + Naim Supernait 3

Is there a way to use the REL high level input in combination with the Naim or do you guys pick the subwoofer out RCA on the Naim and connect it to the RCA low level input on the REL?
Some say that they connect the Rel Neutrik cable to one of the speakers. But it has 3 wires. Can someone explain to me or show a picture how to connect? Thanks . Cheers Fonz

You can use the supplied REL cable, but you have to split the sheath so that you can connect the wires to the speaker terminals. Forum lore has it that you shouldn’t connect to the amp in the way that REL describe, although my dealer, who is a long established Naim and REL dealer, says it’s fine to connect to the power amp speaker terminals, and that is how he always instals Naim/REL systems for his customers.
Alternatively, it’s fine to use the low level connection if you have a suitable long lead.

What do you mean with :but you have to split the sheath so that you can connect the wires to the speaker terminals !! Can you explain this or show me a picture of how to do this?

If you connect to the amp, the yellow wire goes to the left + terminal, the black to the left - terminal, and the red to the right + terminal. The sockets are close together, so this isn’t a problem. If you make the same connections at the speaker end, the fact that the 3 cables are bound in a single outer core makes this impossible. The solution is to cut the outer sheath open so that you can separate out the red cable to run to the other speaker.
As an alternative, REL make a version of their upgrade ‘Bassline Blue’ cable specifically for Naim amps which makes the connection easier - at a price.

Now I get it thanks :slight_smile:

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A better option is to use a miniDSP 2x4 or DSpeaker Antimode to combine the L&R sub out signals from the SN3 and use this to drive a phono lead to connect to the low level input on the REL.

These will give more precise control of the crossover to the sub and can also help with room correction to prevent the sub from overexciting the fundamental room resonance frequencies.

I now have stackable plugs in the back of the Naim Supernait 3 with the Rel Neutrik cable connected to it . This works fine for a couple of minutes and then you get the sound of an Earth Hum !!! So this is not the way to go for me. Does not understand that it works for others. So the only way to go for me is RCA sub out on the Naim to RCA low level in on the sub…

I used to have the same problem till I connected to the speaker terminals on the back of the speakers…

And how did you do that. Did you cut the cable open to take out the red one? So the red one connected to one speaker and the other 2 to the other speaker?

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see 2 pics

From SN2 to my speakers - naca5

apart from this

I just took a speaker wire ( 1st pic Gray jacket ) and connected 1 end to the speaker terminals and the other end to the high level i/p on the plate amp - in your case - Neutrik connections

Hope you will be able to resolve

I don’t have speaker connection on the back of the REL. See pic!

3 wires yes

One will be positive of 1 speaker…yellow
2nd will be positive of 2nd speaker…red

3rd black wire will be common…to connect to nearest speaker negative terminal
From here you may run a thin wire to the other speaker negative terminal.

Am calling @Xanthe to correct my “technical” writing…

Do WAIT for a confirmation from @Xanthe before you proceed.

I have dual REL subs and a 300DR. I did not want to spend $1200 on a pair of REL Bassline Blue cables that have the Naim modification. I connect at my speaker terminals and had a dealer make up a custom pair of cables for that.

I use the spade connector on the speaker terminal for the sub and the banana connectors for the speaker wire.

On your picture I see the Neutrik cable go to one of you speakers but I cannot see if 2 or 3 wire are at the speaker end and I do not see one wire go from your Neutrik input on the Rel to your other speaker. So I do not really understand what you mean. can you give it another try and explain it to me again. Thanks for your time and effort by the way. Cheers Fonz

I have a stereo pair. One sub for each speaker (I called it “dual REL subs” above, sorry).

Only two leads are needed for each cable. I cannot remember if the dealer combined the red/yellow, or just didn’t wire one of them. I believe REL says it works either way. Twisting red/yellow together results in higher gain.

So, for each speaker there is a dedicated sub. Each cable connects from the REL high-level input to a pair of spades. Black on the REL cable goes to speaker ground terminal. Red/Yellow twisted together go on the speaker hot terminal.

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