Reliability Reality

Over the past 7 years or so, I have had Unitiqute, NAC172 (plus various power amps), Mu-so and Unitilite (the last 2 I still have).

During that time all those items have performed as they should wireless and wired. The issues I have had, including the Naim App, have always ended up being network related…where I have changed/fiddled with where bits of network equipment went (3 storey house, lots of options).

I have been toying with the idea of a used Atom possibly Nova, and there are some on you know where. However when I read this forum and FB Naim page, time after time you see issues with screen freezes and odd operating behaviour (not always out and out failure).

Forums are full of bad experiences (the Naim App gets loads of stick!!) and sadly I feel less confident in going the Atom/Nova route. Having worked in the motor industry where people would complain of a misaligned air vent and others would put up with quite severe defects, I am wondering what the reality is regarding reliabiity of the new Uniti range.

I’ve seen some owners who have had multiple units, and others with no issues. My experience of my equipment both new and used has been great, but I have a few doubts about going for the latest Uniti range. Illogical I know, but that’s what happens when you read others experience.

It would be good to hear from those that have had the latest Uniti range for a number of years, with no issues at all (ignoring network problems).


I had an Atom for 2 years and now have a Nova. Brilliant pieces of kit and very reliable. As a one box solution the Nova is very hard to beat ( and there is no risk of upgrade fever!)

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I’ve had a Nova since release, I had the first dem. at my dealer, and have had no issues, great sound. I don’t have the screen in, so if I’ve had a screen freeze I may have missed it.
I use the app daily to control a combination of ND, Uniti and Muso kit, it does everything I want and is stable on my IOS devices.

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Some people have had problems with the screen freezing on their Atom/Star/Nova which is frustrating if you look at the screen, although I just use the app, so I wouldn’t even notice. Although the new screen looks fancy, you don’t get to control the unit as much with it and the remote as you did with the old models.
As for WiFi, the 802.11ac standard on the current models is way better than the old ones.

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@porkyg, I made similar observations regarding the reliability of the Uniti range. Obviously one could wonder about the representativeness of the “sample” in a Hifi Forum… Still, the issues frequently reported here would make me cautious… If I had Nova monies to spend, I would rather buy an XS3/ND5XS2 combo…


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