Reliable 1TB SSD for use with Uniti Star

Can anyone recommend a 1TB SSD for use with the Uniti Star ? I’m new to all this, and anxious to buy something which integrates without glitches and compatibility issues. Most grateful for any advice.

Are you looking for an internal one or an external usb portable drive?
internal, WD blue 2TB ~£50 (“traditional” spinning hard drive)
external, Samsung T7 ~£110 (usb ssd)

I took the same journey for my Star a couple of years ago for connection into the rear usb. Settled on the Samsung T5 1 Tb (latest at that time) for my ‘music store’. It’s been great: light, no noise, never gets warm and no glitches whatsoever. Might get these at slightly cheaper price than T7 if you have to keep costs down.

Thanks, that’s most helpful.

Samsung are generally regarded as the most reliable, you can’t go wrong there.

Had a good run with Crucial MX series too, was warned away (by the local PC store) from the BX series.

There’s no internal drive in the Star.

Not inside the star itself, but for attached storage in a caddy though that wasn’t mentioned. It’s probably much simpler to use an external ssd one via usb, than a roll your own solution with a conventional hard drive which likely requires power as well.

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