Remote control for different generations of gear

Does anyone know of an r/c handset that is able to control both a NAC 82 and an NDX2?

I can’t find anywhere that says definitively weather, eg Narcom 5 is capable or not.

Any ideas anyone?

The NDX2 remote is different to the amplifier remotes, and uses Zigbee rather than IR. You cannot control the 82 with the NDX2 remote, nor can you control the NDX2 with that from the 82.

With the later amplifiers such as the 282, you can connect via system automation and use the NDX2 remote to control volume and preamp inputs, but this capability is not included on the 82.

Thanks, good to know. Never heard of Zigbee so time to do a bit of reading…
It’s a shame but that’s about all, just thought it worth an ask.

Thanks to all for their help.

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