Remote control for NAT03

Hi, Quite new to the naim game and have just got a NAT03 to go with my NAC92R/NAP90. I really like the minimalist style of these slimline units which is a massive contrast to the other tuner in use at the moment (Nakamichi ST-7E) which I have no intention of getting rid of, I just felt like dipping my toe in the Naim pool to see if the temperature suits.

I like the fact the 92R has a remote and find it odd that there is no remote option for the NAT03. I’m sure there must be a reason for this or is it just very rare and I just haven’t come across or heard of one? The matching CD (CD3/3.5) players are also remote controlable.

This is no deal breaker, I am just curious. Were there ever any of these made with the feature? If not was there ever a kit or mod for adding it?

I understand I’m starting at the bottom of the pile with this kit (in Naim terms) but even these seem head and shoulders above most other equipment for the money regarding build quality. So far I’m impressed.

The NAT03 was purely manual tune, just like the NAT01, NAT101, and NAT02, and possibly, performance-wise, all the better for it. Remote control operation arrived with the NAT05.

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Thanks for confirming. Although I would rather stick with the older tuner and move more often than buy newer. I find the older stuff more appealing. I really like the look of (not heard one yet) the CD2 and NAC102 and of course a NAT01 etc but thought I would try the more affordable kit first to see how I get on. I also find the NAT101 intriguing…

The Nat03 is a fine tuner - I use mine from time to time. I am one of those that prefer its sonic balance over the later tuners. Its smoother and less detailed than the later tuners but to me more pleasing to listen to.

Ah but, in my setup, the more modern NAT05 can pull in more stations than the 03… even if most of them are full of c**p…er, I mean…not my choice of music… :laughing:

Both the 05 in my office system and the 03 in SWMBO’s are superglued** to Radio 3.

**just kidding about the superglue :smiley:

I have to admit, I’m mightily impressed at how lovely the NAT03 sounds since I purchased a secondhand one locally over the Summer.

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Still using mine today , it was upstairs hadn’t been used for 16 years (min) when the Magnum Dynalab needed a very heavy service, down it came (and still is)

Within two hours sounded as good as new, glued to Radio 3 except for Christmas Eve when the service from Kings comes on (two months three days and one hour) .

That’s when Christmas starts for me and the tuner is an essential part of it.

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