Remote Control Problems

I’m currently auditioning a Chord Hugo TT1. Sounds nice but I have a problem that will prevent me from buying it and I wonder if others have had the same issue and if so has it been solved.

The TT1 has a remote and I like the fact that I can switch inputs from USB HD to COAX and back nice and easily. However, when I press the up and down volume keys on the Naim remote control not only does it change the volume on my 252 it also switches the HUGO TT to Bluetooth mode and COAX mode which is really irritating.

I have tried my Naim remote in Pre, Rec, CD settings but still does it.

Anyone had this experience?


Tim, Naim use standard RC5 codeset protocols for the volume control. The same codes should not be used for other functions, otherwise you get the issues you describe, however, it does occasionally happen. I suggest you get in touch with the manufacturer of the TT (Chord) and ask them if alternative codeset options are available.

Thanks Richard.

I did find the RC5 codes document. I think on this occasion I will not be keeping the Chord!

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