Remote input socket?

The back of my cd5 xs has one of the above on the back panel. Is this to accept a remote receiver?
The problem i have is the IR " eye" is a bit obscured on the cd5 xs and being able to plug in a remote " eye" would be usefull.

Or, have I read this wrong?

According to the specification on the website this seems to be the RC5 system automation input? Says in the spec:

Remote Input
1 x rear panel 3.5mm jack (RC5 modulated/unmodulated)

The NDX2 also has a 3.5mm socket, most other units have a single RCA socket.
(Loads of threads if you search for “system automation”)

Saw that, wasn’t sure what it means.
Was hoping that I could plug in an IR receiver to pick up the signal from my remote. Bit perhaps not?

One Naim unit can send signals to another. So e.g. you can connect a streamer to a preamp and/or CD player, and then you can control the preamp volume poti and input from the streamer remote and the app. Or also the CD.

I.e. this is analog, the streamer sends a signal to the pre that makes the pre turn the volume knob with the built-in motor.
(As the modern streamer remotes are Zigbee, it requires no line of sight)

Naim manual (a bit outdated but essentially ok):

Why would you need to plug in an IR receiver? The cd5xs can receive IR anyway?
But as the RC5 protocol is simple, I suppose there might be IR receivers that can be plugged into it. If the cd5xs is in a closed cabinet, an IR receiver with a cable and LED would work for IR, but using a streamer remote seems preferable if available

We just had it occur in another thread that someone’s dealer fitted such an LED cable for remote control for apparently no good reason, although the RC5 cable connector would have been a better choice. Here is where this starts:

Just bought off ebay a IR receiver that has 2m of cable terminated in a 3.5mm plug. Only £3 so ill see if it works.

I don’t know if it works that way, but worth a try I guess

I’ll report back!


As promised. It didnt work!

That sucks … do you know frequency the IR was able to pass ? It should say on the instructions

it said 38Khz. It was only £4 so worth a punt. It would have been great if it had worked!

I think it needs to be 36 KHz and you might need the full kit with the power supply and the ir repeater

Ok, thanks. That sounds a bit more effort than I was hoping for!

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