Remote pairing

Hi, what is the correct procedure to pair a remote with a NAC 252? Thanks.


Not sure I understand the question. If it’s a Naim remote, the one supplied with the amp, it should pair automatically.



The NAC252 uses RC5 protocol and can be controlled by a Narcom, i-Com, R-Com, or Flash remote control. There’s no need to “pair” it with the handset.

Hi, thanks for responding. The remote is a Naim, came with the NDS. Both NDS and 252 were recently serviced in Salisbury. The original 252 remote works with the 252 and the NDS remote works with the NDS. I think I should be able to control the 252 volume with the NDS remote, but it doesn’t work. Must be a pairing issue since the service, but I can’t find the correct button sequence anywhere.

Have you had them since new or did you buy secondhand? If secondhand, were they bought separately? I’m wondering whether at some point the code set of one of the remotes was changed to avoid a conflict with something else. If so, Naim support should be able to help.

Since new. I’ve only today started to use the NDS remote as I can’t get the app to work reliably. The remote seems to work fine with the NDS. The NDS remote is black with white buttons and the 252 remote is grey with two green buttons.

Yup, I have the same remote here (the one that comes wit your NDS) that I’ve tried on both my UQ2 and my NAC552 and it controls the volume for both.

That’s an odd one, short of a faulty remote control, I can’t quite fathom it at the moment. You don’t have system automation enabled and connected do you? Probably one for Naim support to advise on.

OK, I’ll ring Acoustica on Tuesday. Pete is usually good on all this modern witchcraft.

Try a fresh set of batteries - volume control is usually the first thing to go when they begin to fade.

Otherwise, do you have system automation connected and enabled? If so, try disconnecting and disabling.

I was thinking of suggesting the opposite! With System Automation enabled the streamer remote and app should both have full control of the preamp, including input selection etc. as well as volume.
I realise this is just a fallback solution because of a flaky Naim app WiFi connection, but still I think it’s worth getting it sorted properly.

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