Remote volume not working NAC 82

A quick question: my remote works for all duties but volume control. It was like this when I bought it. Now I’m curious about any theories about what might be the cause?

Check that the knob and especially the rubber insert around its circumference aren’t jammed up against the fascia and thus preventing it from turning easily.

Thank you Richard. Will do.

Now I´ve checked and the outer part i.e. The one I can pull off seems to move easy enough. The inner part is more resistant than the balance knob but I don´t really know how they are supposed to feel. It´s not powered at the moment due to a rebuild

Check it again once it’s powered up. The motor and gearing will provide some resistance when operated by hand, but if the knob is hard against the fascia then the drag is too great for the motor to operate properly.

Another similar issue is if the LED wires get caught around the axle of the pot/knob. The wires are carefully dressed around the axle, however if the knobs have been removed at some point then that person may not have re-dressed them properly.

Okey I´ll give it a go. How do I remove the inner part of the control to check the wires?

Best to not do so, if you don’t have to.

Seems I don´t have to. After fiddling with it it now works. It sounds as it might rub against something though. I do wonder what´s going on in there.

Thank you @Richard.Dane, much apreciated!

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Good news!

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