Remove cover NAIT XS2


I just got my NAIT XS2. I want to remove the cover t check it out. Removed the 4 screws near the feet, but the cover still can not be lifted. Can not find any instructions on how to do it. Does anybody have a tip for me?

Also the left RCA ports seem to be much more firm than the right ones. I can insert the right channels much more deep than the left ones. Is this normal?

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It looks like this inside.

Naim-Nait-XS2-erősítő-inside_big.jpg (2000×1384) (

Possibly you haven’t pushed the RCA connectors in fully, the sockets are all identical. Try twisting them a little. It’s more likely a variation in the rca plugs themselves with some being tighter than others.

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I want to check it out because there is a slight burned smell in the front.

I strongly suggest you get it looked at professionally by your local Naim service centre - assuming you are concerned something is amiss. At the factory we weren’t allowed anywhere near the build area without wearing a white coat and a strap on our shoes.

Note Richard’s warning, first sentence in particular.

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Is there any harm done by removing the small bolts near the feet? (And immediately putting them back in)

The 5 series kit has a small bolt that secures the fascia top edge to the cover (accessible through a hole in the chassis. This often catches people out. Be careful as the magnesium zinc is quite soft and can easily be dimpled or even broken should you overtighten this bolt. Also, ESD precautions need to be adhered to. And if the unit is under warranty then don’t open at all - let your dealer do this - as you may well void any warranty by opening it up yourself.


Also do not undo the screw/Bolt completely as it has to be in-place to reaffix the cover and is extremly annoying to line up again. It’s best to leave it alone. I think Naim have this hidden screw/Bolt arangement to stop very curious people like me.

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