Remove Presets from Naim App

Hi guys, going full retard here but I am trying to remove the presets from the Home Screen on my Mu-so QB2 and I can’t figure out how:

I seem to have succeeded on my NDX2 but I can’t find how:

It is really driving me insane, I have been searching for 30 minutes.

Could someone help a brother out?

Appreciate it

In the second screenshot you’ve posted, tap on the radio station actually playing (below left corner) -> tap on the big ‘star’ icon in the middle of the next screen you’ll see, you will notice that the appearance of the star will change …

Thanks, I tried that, see the result:

even if I remove all stations the menu “Presets” stays there, saying “Empty” on each position. I really want to remove the whole section “Presets”.

Your screen looks different from what I can recall, I’m currently at work (yes, not from home) … will have a closer look when I’m home …

Well, I got a couple of devices but the idea is the same but the principles holds the same.

Appreciate your time spent here helping me out.

Please drop me a line when you get a chance.


You can enable/disable Inputs in the Settings menu by clicking the cog at top right of screen next to magnifying glass (search)

Did you add radio stations using vtuner website (

If you’ve added stations there that would explain why you’re seeing presets listed, perhaps try removing them from the tuner website and if there are none then the presets won’t be visible/required.

He, no I haven’t ever logged into this website.

The Presets came straight out of the box and removing inputs does not remove it…

I want the whole section Presets gone, like it is on the NDX2.

Really weird

The Musos from memory have 5 presets (the first 5 in the list) available via touch screen on the volume knob, perhaps these are hard set in the menu and cant be made to disappear so if no station selected it just remains blank?

Thanks for the input.

Yes, if you remove the presets they just remain empty, but you can’t seem to be able to remove the Preset section as a whole. Which is annoying.

Full retard. That’s pretty offensive.


How is something I say directed at me offensive?

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You should just be glad that you aren’t actually a “full retard”. Now go away and listen to some music.

The NDX2 shows “Radio” instead of “Presets” - at least it does on my NDX2. Tapping “Radio” then shows the stored stations. Not really any different apart from the word “Radio” rather than “Presets”.

My assumption was that the reference of full retard had to do with setting the ignition timing of an internal combustion engine. The act in which one is advancing or retarding the timing of the exact point of ignition as it relates to the compression of the air/fuel mixture within the combustion chamber to maximize the engine’s output. This reference predates the use of the word in the context of any negative slang.

Surely I am not the only gearhead that is also into listening to music?

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In your original picture of your NDX screen, it doesn’t look like you’ve got the iRadio input selected which is why you don’t see the Presets. I suspect you can’t remove that option from showing at all. Better to fill them with stuff you listen to.

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