Renaissance of active systems /S1 pre fraim compatible

As we see naim engaging in active components again such as the now officially available snaxos for kudos will there be more to come for naim enthusiasts who have built their systems over many years? What I would really love to see for example is a true reference series snaxo. Also from what has been voiced here with respect to the massively superior performance of the S1 pre over a 552 it would seem sensible imho to come up with a s1 pre version that fits into a fraim. This way it would be a palatable upgrade path for all who can’t or don’t want to go full statement and retain a fraim based system. Any thoughts?

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That’s making the assumption that an S1 pre can be reduced to a fraim sized unit…

Interesting thoughts, these are. I’m wondering where R&D resources will go after the last streaming components have been presented…?

We are where we are…to get any meaningful benefit above the 552… its £30k more. So a new one box S 1, not in my opinion, very likely.
I did talk to Steve this week about the ND555 and its old DAC…probably its last outing. He had a few ideas he was exploring for the future?
The guy is on the case, long may it be so.

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What I would like to see is for the old olive NAXOs/SNAXOs to have the option to be configured for Kudos speakers as part of a service.

Very interesting, sign of the times, downsizing! I forgot the Naim of the speakers but DB owns a pair. Then DB’s CD555 disappeared.

Just joined you guys yesterday, been on a hiatus, good to be back!

Looks like my CDX-2 has also disappeared.

Always aspired to own a Ndac.

" Posted on: 30 December 2018 by Claus-Thoegersen

As I understand it the dac chip used in Ndac is the same used in the new nd555, and Naim has been forced to keep chips in reserve for the nd555 and current dac owners, so this may be part of the reason why Ndac is discontinued. It will be really interesting to see what the next digital device from Naim will be, and when it will be available.


Looks like da ND555 is the new kid on da block. DB finally bit the new digital bullet.

Naim speakers, CD555, CDX-2, Ndac, all gone!

Thank God for the Snaxo!!!

Enjoy your Music, the Why!


If you read the background on the design of the Statement components, you will see that the tower design with the power supply at the bottom is a key element that contributes significantly to performance. I for one applaud new designs that dispense with the necessity of Fraim, which is kind of a tweaky can of worms, in my opinion.

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Hey, good to see you back here Allante93. Your enthusiasm has been missed, well by me anyway.


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