Renewing vows to my Star

So, over the last year of owning my Star I have experienced a number of issues, almost all software related, and have expressed my discontent about it.

Time has moved on and things have changed. Roon has given me the functionality I miss in the Naim native app, the software has improved and being part of the Beta team has brought my experience up to a level where all seriously disturbing issues with the firmware has been solved for me and yesterday the slightly misaligned front panel was adjusted correctly.

Not to mention that this morning my dealer dropped off two Shunyata Venom HC cables and a shielded multiplug. (Yeah I know about the Powerline but for just under the price of one Powerline I could kit out my full cleaner power solution).

Right now this Star is just singing. I am happy and looking forward to many hours I will be spending with it in future.


congrats. I wish I could say the same :frowning: my star has been with Naim service for over a month now.

I waited for well over a year for mine when production was delayed due to certification, etc. I am glad I didn’t give up and get something else. Was very tempted especially when price went up and up in that time and exchange rate went down and down.

Oh no :frowning: I really hope this changes soon. In the near future you will be where I am now, no doubt about that. If anything, Naim seems to be pretty dedicated to fix problems.

Wow that must have wreaked havoc on your “gotta-have-it-now” nerves! I was lucky. When I initially ordered I had it within 3 days.

Must say my local dealer got a bit sick of me after seeing me turn up every weekend. They started to ignore me and let me do whatever I please. I was a kid in the playground mixing and matching equipment at will. It was fantastic! And I pretty much went to every single Naim dealer in the state and more.



well I should be close but not exactly in the same place - I will go for nd5xs2 (already have) and nai xs3. This is because I cannot sleep when I think that new unitis to AD conversion to my vinyl. Also I hope to get some uplift in SQ - will see.


Same here. Despite some issues really pleased with the Star. Out of all the components in my system the only one I haven’t considered upgrades for. And that’s despite the fact that plenty of people here would likely argue my speakers and TT might be out of it’s league as it is.


There are many ways to lift the system: placement, room acoustics, cables, music source, stands, different recording, different interpretation of the same work by another orchestra / conductor, even just cleaning plugs and tightening screws. Also your experience depends on music taste, preferred listening volume, personal taste and room limitations. So I won’t necessarily take to heart others’ opinion, esp dealer with an agenda or without good understanding of the person’s circumstances and likes.


These are true words for sure.

It is pretty easy to upgrade oneself outside of what is workable for the space that you have to properly appreciate the system in.

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Agree fully. Also there’s limitations like that. I like to have my best/main system in the room I spend most of my time awake, my living room. And as I don’t live alone, that room is shared with others, and as such there’s inherently constraints, like looks, placement, treatment, cable routing etc.


Exactly! And living in the country I am living in… the proximity of neighbours.

This last point coupled with not living alone has pretty much ensured that I do most my intensive music listening on headphones.

I too had some software problems, but after Firmware v3.5, they have magically disappeared. My ongoing issue is getting my STAR to recognize my SSD/USB 3 storage unit. Anybody have issues with their SSD/USB 3 storage unit? Thanks in advance-Richard

I have a Samsung T5 SSD of 500 GB. It’s plugged into the back UDB port and works like a charm.

How large is your storage device and did you format it with the Star?

I use one 1 TB SSD, which theoretically could hold every CD I own. I had my STAR format the drive (s)

Music File Storage Atech BlackJet VX-2SSD enclosure-powered

Samsung EVO860 Two Samsung 2.5” 1 TB SSDs SATA III

Hmm I was wondering if it was too big to address or not formatted. If you could manage to find it to format it, it sounds strange that you can no longer find the device.

Hi, not had any problems but i did enquire with naim before i purchased an expensive usb3 cable and found out that the player will only down grade said cable to usb2 but that will not give you any recognition problems…
If you haven’t got any music on your drive i would try formatting it again either through the star or externally via a laptop or pc like i did and to date no problems even with all the software nightmares and multiple re-boots…!
Hope you manage to sort it…!! forgot to mention mine is a 1tb ssd also.

I’m loving mine too. I’ve just replaced the NAC A5 speaker cable I had with Nordost Blue Heaven and what an amazing difference. The system has opened right up in the top end. Larger soundstage and better detail. Any one else experimented with other cables that make a Star shine?

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Just replaced the standard power cables with Shunyata Venom HC cords with a Supra multi plug box and to my ears that had quite a nice audible effect.

I bought my Star in the summer and got a 2TB external hard Drive to rip my CD’s onto. It took a bit of time to format this disc but once done it ripped OK. But after doing about 70 CD’s the Star decided it wouldn’t recognise the drive plugged into the USB port. Nothing I did made any difference. In the end I tried to reinstall the external drive, but the Star wouldn’t reformat it (gets to 20% and just stops). Have just bought a 256GB SSD card to see if that works. The Star has formatted it so now I just have to start ripping my CD’s all over again. Very frustrating.

It sounds like the drive had an issue. Did you liaise with Naim tech support on this?