Repair dent in a tweeter?

I had a dent on my B & W 804 D3 tweeter.
I used painters frog tape.
It’s not overly sticky & worked great for me.

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My son poked one of tweeters on a previous set of speakers and dented it. He did it why I was listening and could tell straight away looked up to see him removing his finger. Sorted out with some sellotape and slowly pulling it off.

Had this issue on old speakers years ago. Double sided sticky tape worked beautifully.

Is that ceramic as well?

No it’s a metallic dome I think.

Google “VIFA NE19VTT 3/4” TITANIUM DOME" and you’ll probably find new old stock tweeters. Check I’ve got the size correct. PS I easily found soft dome tweeters for your speakers from Tymphany. They would change the spec of the speaker though.

If you can get a replacement, then there is no harm in trying to fix them first.

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As per your suggestion, it would seem more likely that these tweeters are titanium rather than ceramic, since i’m not sure how ceramic domes would be able to dent like that…

A replacement appears to be around $100, which might be a good option when selling the speakers, as opposed to trying to fix them.

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Thanks I will search for that! According to the specs it really is ceramic. The dent is a small mystery to me

I was wondering how it got dented and how you fixed it, because the 804 D3 has a diamond tweeter and it is behind a protective net.

B&W give you a little tool to get the net off but you start at the back with an Allen key.
It’s not easy.
There’s a YouTube video that shows how it’s done.
Then I used the tape.
How it got a dent is another story involving teenagers & partying :man_facepalming:t2:

I see, thanks. Curious that the diamond did not break instead of dent, I expected it to be very thin and stiff.

It feels quite firm to the touch.
The mesh took the biggest impact pushing on to the dome.
I managed to push out the mesh with no visible signs of it being damaged & as I said used the tape on the tweeter which once done looked as good as new.
All in all it turned out good.


In the meantime I sold the speakers. Informed the buyer upfront of the dent and offered a small discount. With 4 people listening closely no one heard a difference between the tweeters. I passed through all suggestions I received from your side. Up to him to decide but he is glad with the deal and so am I. Will post a new system pic with my new pair of speakers (on which different opinions appear on the forum :wink: )


:clipperton_island: speakers?

If they were a Beryllium tweeter, I wouldn’t be blowing or sucking it. Definitely a wife job :: just joking I’d get her mother to it instead :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


No Q Acoustics Concept 500

If it were a Beryllium tweeter it likely wouldnt be dented. It would be shattered.

Thanks for that. :roll_eyes:

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