Repairing CDX clamps

Does anyone have any experience procuring the black rubber tubing that is used in CDX pucks? I have an original CDX and the tubes have flattened. I hear it can be found as an electronics component. USA would be preferable. Thanks!

If you squeeze the little tubes with tweezers, and rotate them a bit, you can bring them back to life. It’s probably best to order a replacement puck in any event.


I was just typing the same as HH.

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Yes squeeze the rubber bits on the bottom of the puck to make them a little prouder

Then order another puck, they aren’t expensive .

Thank you Ian. I have squeezed them, dismantled the puck, rotated them, etc. They are now ovoid, not circular. Nothing worked.

I may have to swallow and pay 35 pounds for one of these little bits.

I appreciate you suggestion though.

While they may be ovoid, if you rotate then so the oval points outwards then the Clamp can be somewhat restored to working condition.

I had the same experience as DavisWhite: rotating them gives you barely enough time to buy and get a new puck. I had a serious selection of silicone tubing in my lab, but silicone does not give as much grip as black rubber, so I ended up keeping an extra new puck for my bedside CDX. With my workhorse CDS3 I got lucky: after the latest laser mechanism exchange I received a puck without any rubber inserts!

I had the same problem with my CDS2 puck.

Fix. Insert a sliver of sorbothane into each ring.

Indeed, I use a cocktail stick, and gently tease the rubber rings out (on the CDX2 puck assume it’s the same on CDX)
Works every time… and I am still on my original puck.

In the case of my CDX & CD3.5, it’s needle-nose tweezers!

Anyone with vigorous nasal hair will surely have a pair.

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Also useful for removing small screws that have dropped onto the mobo in one’s PC during a rebuild…oops.

Or soldering up DIN connectors for one’s “82->Headline” 10 metre long interconnect (Note: no Power Supplies were harmed during the manufacture of the aforementioned cable).

And for Neanderthal nasal hair, one has a “Gentleman’s Grooming Kit” with a cylindrical whirly thing for stuffing up one’s nose.

Vigorous nasal hair pulled a thread. I found needlenose tweezers and rotated the rubber in situ and the CDX is now playing beautifully. Thank you! This was so much more effective than dismantling the puck, rotating the tubes, and reassembling.

A British site called TomTom sells pucks for 25 pounds + international postage. Does anyone know of another vendor? Naim has altered the design across various models, so the cheap ones are incompatible with CDX, 1, and 2.

Again, I send deep thanks to all who pitched in.

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I think the CDX (olive) uses the VAM 1205 mechanism, so you would need the CLAMP3 -slightly cheaper.

But do please confirm with Tom Tom Audio.

Have you tried contacting Chris West of AV Options in Chicago? He might be able to get you one, might not be any cheaper, just a thought!

CDX uses the clamp 3. The Clamps, 1, 2 and 4 are totally incompatible. Clamp 5 could be used but you do risk damaging the metal hub of the mech due to the very high magnetic force of the clamp and hub together.

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