Anybody know how long it takes for cds3 repair/service mine is gone 10 weeks now .

Where’s it gone? Salisbury?

Yes dealer sent it back.

Dealer told me to expect 8 to 10 weeks for my Supernait service.
I have to say I was surprised & disappointed, but due to house building work, now is/was the time to get it done.

Thanks for reply looks like it’s around 10 weeks .

Not that it will help now, but when i have had to send something to Salisbury, ive got my dealer to book the slot, then send it when the slot cones up.
That way i get to keep my kit and use it, rather than it sit at goods inwards in Salisbury.

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Yes probably best that way hopefully i will hear something soon my system is off 10 weeks now.

Can you not plug your smartphone in and stream temporarily?

Prefare the cd player i did at first but the sound quality wasn’t great so i just use my radio .Thanks for reply.

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I asked dealer to book a slot, but the slot is just to get the unit into ‘the system’.
It does seem that the service/repair set up is not what it used to be, my Nait-2 was away for just over 2 weeks about 7 years ago.

Great news ! Audio-T e-mailed to tell me my SuperNait is back from service. I left it with them on 20-July, will be collecting 25-Aug, so with shipping days at both ends of that period, it’s just about 4 weeks in the service shop, the 10 weeks plus stories have been confounded.

Will post more over next days …….

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The power of the Naim forum! :wink:

Great news good to hear…

I got my SN3 back last week, it was gone for 10 weeks

Very good I’m sure your happy back to listening .

I guess it is not a good idea to generalise. Happy that you have your SN back though

Hi @Hawkmoon & anyone else interested

My Supernait is back in its home.
SQ has improved, more top end than before & a more distinct sound stage, but after a month away & listening to the Nait-2, memory & expectations stuff, its hard to say for sure other than the obvious.
So nice to have the flexibility of system auto, flipping between sources & web-radio stations with the remote.
The NAS will be working overtime tonight.

You asked about what was done, it was returned with a job sheet, but it doesn’t include much detail …
Reported faults – Logo dull, slow Start Up
Faults confirmed – Logo bleed & failing BO cap
Replaced reservoir caps, BO cap, fitted jitter mod & updated to 01-04/01.03
Test OK - GS

Cost was £399 + £20 P&P

PS - there are 11 power supply caps, looks like x4 big ones for the main 2 channel double pair transformer/rectifier, not sure about the other x7.


Mine sounds really good too after it’s return but as you say maybe it was from listening to something else in its absence, in my case a Rega Osiris! I so much prefer the SN3 over the Rega, so much more nuanced and musically present albeit with less drive. They replaced both output relays, checked left/right balance and all tested ok, work carried out by GS also.

Great good to hear thanks.

My CDX2 mech repair is nearly 15 weeks and counting!